Wide input and noise immunity DC/DC converters

The DDC15 and DDC30 series of low profile 15W and 30W DIN rail format DC-DC converters have been announced by XP Power. The single output converters accept inputs in the range from 9 to 36V DC, suiting a 12 or 24V DC nominal input. The range is designed to offer additional voltages in DIN rail power systems, provide isolated outputs and noise immunity or support battery powered or battery backed applications.

Both series are available with a choice of a 5, 9, 12, 15 or 24V DC nominal output. Additionally, the DDC15 model is available with a 3.3V DC output. Input to output isolation is 1500V DC. The DDC15 measures 91 x 56.5 x 18mm, while the DDC30 measures 91 x 56.5 x 35mm. Both series operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 70°C, with full power delivered at up to 50°C.

The converters have safety approvals for UL508 and IT approvals per EN60950-1 A12:2011 and IEC60950-1 +A1:2009. The units also meet the Class B EN55022 specification for both radiated and conducted emissions without the need for any additional filtering components.

The DDC series provides convenience for the system designer in accommodating additional supply voltages from a single DIN rail installation rather than having to incorporate multiple power supply formats.