TCXO offers frequency stability down to ±0.28ppm

IQD's latest TCXO is designed specifically for applications that require a high stability oscillator but don't have either the physical space for or power to drive an OCXO.

Housed in an industry standard 7 x 5mm ceramic package, the IQXT-200 offers frequency stability down to ±0.28ppm across a frequency range between 1.25 and 200MHz. Operating over the standard industrial temperature range from -40 to 85°C, users can select variants to operate off a 3, 3.3 or 5V power supply with the current drawn being typically less than 15mA. A range of outputs can be specified, including LVTTL, HCMOS, Clipped Sine Wave or Sine Wave into 50Ohms. Versions are also available which allow the use of an external voltage to control the pullability, which caters for applications where the output frequency needs to be locked. All devices are RoHS compliant, reflow soldering compatible and supplied on tape & reel.