DF57 connector series with 1.2 mm pitch

Now available at MSC Vertriebs GmbH are Hirose's two and three positions of the DF57 series of headers, sockets and crimp contacts to meet the requirements for smaller and better performing connectors.

The connector occupies 18 or 23mm² approximate board space for the two and three contact position respectively. The height profile measures 1.4 mm. The power performance is 2amp current rating per contact. It incorporates "Swing Lock" - a double locking mechanism featuring a tactile click sensation to confirm correct mating. The connection can withstand a minimum of 5N of cable pull force. Durability is achieved with 30 mating cycles and a contact mating length of 0.42mm is designed to ensure good electrical continuity. The termination contacts on the header are fully molded into the insulator to eliminate any gaps to prevent solder wicking. The series is suitable for LED displays, touch panels, small motors, industrial robots, LED lighting modules and digital cameras.