C&K's SAM series multiway switches

C&K has announced the availability of its new SAM series multiway switch.

The switch is designed for seamless integration, direct motor management based on SPDT (single pole, double throw) contacts, and flexible mechanical characteristics including travel, shaft shape and dimensions.

The SAM series switch can be used for applications such as seat adjustment systems for automotive, off-road vehicles and avionics, along with industrial controls and motorised healthcare devices that require a specific ergonomic feel. By eliminating the need for relay switches, SAM enables manufacturers to reduce the necessary hardware to power the functionality of the device being controlled.

Notable features of the SAM series switch include a two or four-way actuation, power contact technology for direct motor actuation, direct mounting capability on to a printed circuit board, a spring-loaded shaft to reduce vibrational noise, various shaft lengths and shapes for easy integration, and different haptic ranges.

With strong PCB mounting and THT terminals, the SAM series switch has the durability necessary for automotive applications. Additionally, extra features such as signal, low profile, and improved haptics for power contacts can be provided on most customised versions.