Next gen IC boosts solar cell efficiency by 80%

Cardiff based clean tech firm, G24 Innovations has utilised Texas Instruments' bq25504 boost charger to enhance the efficiency of its next generation dye sensitised solar cells by 80%.

TI's boost converter is designed to boost voltage from as little as one PV cell up to six times its original voltage. According to TI, the module's nodes can power autonomously, reducing operating costs and thereby make ultra low power wireless sensor networks cost effective in more applications. Richard Costello, chief operating officer of G24i, said: "The combination of Texas Instruments' advanced IC technology with G24i, the world's most efficient indoor converter of light to electricity, provides a low cost, elegant turnkey power and management solution for our global oem customers." G24i says the bq25504 IC makes its dye sensitised solar cells more efficient than any similar product on the market today. The company claims the devices even have the potential to replace traditional silicon solar cells and render disposable batteries obsolete.