LDOs minimise board space and optimise battery life

ON Semiconductor has announced the introduction of five small package, low dropout linear voltage regulators.

The devices are based on complementary metal oxide semiconductor (cmos) technology and are designed to deliver an output current of 150mA. They have an output voltage range of 1.2 to 3.3V and a typical supply current of 1µA. Output current protection is included, as is a fully integrated soft start circuit. This is designed to minimise inrush current and ensure there is no output voltage overshoot. Output voltage accuracy is rated at ±0.8%. All five devices available are targeted at battery powered portable devices such as mp3 players and mobile phones, as well as home appliances and networking/communication equipment. They have an operational temperature range of -40 to 85°C. The NCP4682 and NCP4685 are available in SC-70 and UDFN-4 packages, while the NCP4681 and NCP4684 are available in SC-70 and XDFN-4 packages. The NCP4680 comes housed in either a SC-70 or XDFN-4 package. "The low supply current required by these LDOs helps to extend the battery life of the end products in which they are employed," said Mike Paquette, director of the regulation business unit at ON Semiconductor. "In addition, their compact packaging is in line with the sleek, small form factor designs for portable electronics that consumers now demand. These new devices enable more feature packed portable electronics designs that boast greater battery lives."