A/D converter offers ‘industry’s best noise performance’

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Texas Instruments has announced what it claims to be the industry's best noise performance and lowest power octal channel, 14bit a/d converter at 80MS/s.

According to TI, the ADS5294 delivers a SNR of 75.5dBFS at 5MHz and lowest power consumption of 77mW at 80MS/s. The device integrates a digital processing block, a low frequency noise suppression mode and programmable input to output mapping. This, says TI, enables system designers to integrate more functions in a smaller footprint, resulting in more compact medical imaging systems. Features include 75.5dBFS SNR at 5MHz/80MS/s; 78.2dBFS SNR at 5MHz and decimation filter enabled; 84dBc SFDR at 5MHz/80MS/S; and 77mW per channel at 80MS/S (two LVDS wires per channel). The digital processing block has been designed to significantly improve SNR and filter harmonics, while reducing output data rate for narrow band applications. Digital data can be output over one or two wires of LVDS pins per channel, reducing the number of interface lines. This creates a two wire interface which keeps the serial data rate low, enabling designers to use low cost fpgas. In addition to medical imaging systems, the ADS5294 can be used in radar, communications, test and measurement and other multichannel data acquisition applications.