Following the news that Germany is now considering banning Huawei products from its 5G network, the chairman of the Chinese telecoms firm has issued a warning.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Liang Hau, chairman at Huawei, said that the firm may move its technology to countries where it is “welcomed”, and it can have “collaboration”.

Among the countries who have raised concerns over whether the firm’s products could be used for spying, the UK, like Germany, remain uncertain over Huawei’s future involvement with its 5G infrastructure.

BT announced last month it is will no longer be using Huawei equipment which was initially being deployed in a UK emergency services communication system.

In response to such claims and actions, Hua stressed that Huawei follows regulations where it operates and the decision for UK to use the firm’s technology lies with the British consumer. He also added that the company remains committed to the £3 billion investment it has promised Britain.

“The UK is a market that advocates openness and also free trade,” Hau said, according to a report from the BBC.

The tech giant’s chairman also added that concerned parties are welcome to inspect the company’s lab based in China.