ST drives next generation of vibration monitoring for Industry 4.0

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STMicroelectronics is looking to drive the next generation of Industry 4.0 applications with a new vibration-sensing solution that's been optimised to enable smart maintenance of factory equipment.

The company's IIS3DWB vibration sensor and supporting STEVAL-STWINKT1 multi-sensor evaluation kit have been developed to accelerate development of condition-monitoring systems that boost productivity by inferring equipment maintenance needs.

By analysing sensed vibration data locally or in the cloud owners are able to create strategies that maximise uptime, minimise servicing costs, and avoid emergency repairs.

The IIS3DWB is a 3-axis MEMs accelerometer that's been optimised for industrial vibration sensing. The STEVAL-STWINKT1 simplifies prototyping and testing by integrating the IIS3DWB with additional sensors, an ultra-low-power microcontroller and algorithms for vibration processing, Bluetooth wireless module, and USB connection.

Housed in a plastic enclosure with a battery, the kit is ready to begin application development and presents a convenient reference design. High-speed data-logger and cloud-dashboard utilities are included to help collect, analyse, and visualise the results.

“Machine-condition monitoring is central to industrial digital transformation, bringing the power to enhance manufacturing performance and safety while enabling new services and business models,” said Alessandro Cremonesi, Vice President of System Research and Applications, STMicroelectronics.

“Our vibration sensor and IIoT multi-sensor development kit and reference design are the best performing and most affordable solutions in the market today, enabling high-performance and cost-effective plug-and-play industrial sensing.”