Siemen's Nucleus ReadyStart enhanced with new debug, security and stability features

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Siemens has announced that the latest version of its Nucleus ReadyStart software for Arm-based devices has been updated to provide enhanced support for the Arm Cortex family of processors

Version 4.1 of the solution, which includes an expanded debug agent, as well as new functionality for enhanced security, usability and platform stability, includes updates to the integrated WolfSSL and OpenSSL components within Nucleus 4.1 enabling embedded developers to achieve higher productivity gains while boosting security and performance in sophisticated end-products.

Based on the Nucleus software real-time operating system (RTOS) from Siemens Digital Industries Software, Nucleus ReadyStart 4.1 has been designed to work with the company's Embedded IOT Framework, enabling embedded devices to be securely onboarded, monitored, managed and updated from a variety of commercial cloud platforms.

Nucleus ReadyStart software is a bundled solution comprising toolchains, source code and embedded development/analysis tools to provide a single, “ready-to-use”, royalty-free RTOS solution. For embedded developers who rely on Arm-based technologies for their latest products, the Nucleus ReadyStart solution is able to reduce time to market with integrated tools and easy-to-use workflows.

Nucleus ReadyStart provides the key components necessary to develop devices that require hard real-time performance with a small footprint. As a single distribution that accelerates fast bring-up of a complete system, and offering rich board support packages (BSPs), the Nucleus ReadyStart solution includes Siemens’ Sourcery software tools, including the Sourcery CodeBench software toolset, integrated user interface (UI) development technology, and power management services to support fast and reliable systems development.

“Siemens’ embedded runtime products continue to serve today’s growing software development needs with highly innovative solutions,” said Scot Morrison, general manager, Embedded Platform Solutions, Siemens Digital Industries Software. “Our comprehensive Nucleus ReadyStart solution for Arm architectures leverages our advanced embedded technologies so customers can realize time and cost savings, and focus on delivering innovative products.”