Samsung/Arm collaboration drives software research in communication technologies

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Samsung Research, the research and development organisation at Samsung Electronics, is collaborating with Arm on the research of parallel packet processing technology (SIMD, Single Instruction Multiple Data) — one of the key software technologies in next-generation communications.

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As part of the collaboration, Samsung Research plans to launch an open-source project with Arm to jointly develop and refine parallel packet processing technology.

Since this technology processes vast quantities of communication data, Samsung’s work with Arm aims to significantly accelerate the research and development timeline ahead of the surge of data driven by 6G environments.

With the growth of data in the next-generation of communications, parallel packet processing technology is seen as being able to contribute to more flexible and efficient communication systems.

“In 6G communications, the importance of software technology is increasing. Innovation is crucial in handling the massive amounts of data that result from this,” said Jinguk Jeong, Executive Vice President at Samsung Research’s Advanced Communications Research Center (ACRC). “This technical partnership with Arm is a significant step towards revolutionising parallel technology.”

“AI is fuelling the demand for next-generation technologies like 6G, but the insatiable amount of data creates a vital need for power-efficient processing,” said Mohamed Awad, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm. “We are leveraging our expertise in high-performance, low-power and flexible computing by collaborating with Samsung Research to accelerate the 6G software development and enable the AI infrastructure to run as efficiently as possible.”

Established in May 2019, Samsung Research’s ACRC is developing next-generation communication technologies, actively engaging in standardisation efforts, researching 6G technologies and working on advanced communication software solutions such as parallel packet processing and AI.