Percepio releases Tracealyzer v4.5

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Percepio, a specialist in visual trace diagnostics for embedded systems and the IoT, has released Tracealyzer version 4.5 with support for the Espressif ESP32 MCU, the open-source Zephyr RTOS and improved integration with Lauterbach uTrace, among a number of new enhancements.

Zephyr is a safe, secure, and scalable open-source RTOS that supports multiple hardware architectures. Maintained by the Linux Foundation, it is currently one of the fastest growing RTOSes. Percepio's trace recorder library has now been adapted and integrated with Zephyr v2.6, which means that Tracealyzer support is now easily accessible as a configuration option when setting up a new Zephyr project. The new Tracealyzer v4.5 offers beta-level support for Zephyr.

Commenting Johan Kraft, Percepio CEO, said, “The Zephyr Project has a vibrant community of IoT developers where Tracealyzer fits right in as an innovative complement to traditional source-code debuggers. The visual timeline and powerful overviews Tracealyzer provides make it easy to spot anomalies in IoT software. This lets users speed up debugging, analyze the software design and optimize performance. With this insight, Zephyr developers can make better products in less time and at lower cost.”

Tracealyzer v4.5 also sees the addition of support for Espressif ESP32 microcontrollers. Tracealyzer is now able to capture traces from Espressif's single- and multicore versions of FreeRTOS and show live streamed traces from both cores at the same time.

The new version further offers improved support for the STLINK-V3 debug probe and includes the support package required to use Tracealyzer with a Lauterbach uTrace probe. Likewise, Tracealyzer v4.5 is the first official version to include support for Percepio DevAlert, a cloud service for monitoring and remote diagnostics of IoT devices during testing and deployment.

Tracealyzer v4.5 will be available in the second half of June, with beta-level support for Zephyr RTOS. The Zephyr support will be updated to official status after the summer.