Murata introduces 'world's thinnest' rf micro coaxial cable connector

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Murata has introduced a series of rf mictro coaxial cable connectors which it claims to be the thinnest in the world, with a profile of 1mm maximum.

The JSC series is designed for rf signal transmission in mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs and wireless mobile terminals. The JSC cable connector has been developed as the result of requirements from the industry for lower profile connectors and the low profile of the connector has been achieved by introducing a C shaped spring terminal on both the outer and inner conductors. Suitable for cable diameters over 0.81mm, the connector's inside structure is optimised to ensure rf performance up to 12GHz, while the connector itself comprises a receptacle and a cable plug. The receptacle measures 2 x 1.8 x 0.5mm and the mated height of both the receptacle and cable plug is 1.0mm maximum. According to Murata, the part can withstand up to 30 mating cycles and emits an audible click on mating. Voltage standing wave ratio (vswr) is 1.3 maximum up to 3GHz, 1.4 maximum between 3 and 6GHz, 1.5 maximum between 6 and 9GHz, and 1.6 maximum between 9 and 12GHz.