IR announces single input voltage dc/dc regulators for high current applications

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International Rectifier has launched the latest devices in its iPowIR range of voltage regulators.

Designed for high current POL applications such as servers, netcom, data storage and telecom equipment, the iP1837 and iP1827 devices integrate a control mosfet, synchronous FETKY, bootstrap diode, bootstrap capacitor and internal over current protection in a compact 7.7 x 7.7mm LGA wireless package. The regulators feature true differential voltage sensing for precise regulation, +/- 0.5% accurate reference voltage over temperature, precision deadtime trim to maximise efficiency and body braking to optimise transient response. In addition, the units are pin compatible for 25 and 35A applications and are optimised for 12V input operations and low output voltages. IR claims they offer a wide input voltage range of 1.5 to 16V, a programmable frequency of up to 1.5MHz and flexible 5V bias or 3.3V bias/single input. The iP1837 and iP1827 devices are fully protected and according to IR, feature enhanced thermally compensated internal hiccup over current protection to allow flat current limit over temperature. Additional features include pre bias start up, over voltage protection, thermal shutdown, enable pin with voltage monitoring capability, power good output and programmable soft start.