Industry 4.0 project launches, aims to strengthen Europe’s industry

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SemI40 – a research project led by Infineon Austria and involving 37 partners from five countries – has launched. The project – Power semiconductor and electronics manufacturing 4.0 – will research autonomous factories.

“The European project will make a major contribution to keeping and strengthening production and jobs in Europe, thus contributing to a stronger business and technology location,” said Sabine Herlitschka, Infineon Austria’s CEO. With a budget of €62million, the three year project is one of the largest Industry 4.0 initiatives.

According to the conglomerate, SemI40 will focus on ‘smart production’ and ‘cyber physical production systems’, with secure data traffic playing a key role within and outside factories. The project is looking to develop processes that ensure secure communication between globally connected systems with different features.

The project will also focus on the development of dynamic simulations, said to enable production, quality, capacity and cycle times to be to be planned more efficiently.

Pictured at the opening are, from the left: Willy Van Puymbroeck, from the EC’s Directorate General CONNECT; Peter Schiefer, operations president Infineon Technologies; Herlitschka; and Bert De Colvenaer executive director of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking,