IAR introduces cross-platform build tools for CI/CD environments

1 min read

IAR Systems, a supplier of software tools and services for embedded development, is now providing IAR Build Tools for Arm with support for Linux and Windows installations, extending its offering for flexible automated workflows with automated builds.

Supporting implementation in cross platform-based frameworks for automated application build and test processes, the tools enable large-scale deployments of critical software building and testing.

To ensure efficiency, software development environments need to be scalable and flexible. Development practices also require that organisations have automated processes that ensure quality all the way from development into building and testing.

Addressing these requirements, IAR Build Tools are able to streamline processes and make it possible for organisations to optimise resources when it comes to the time developers spend in their projects, as well as to manage and utilise licenses and servers in an optimal way.

IAR Build Tools can be easily integrated into different build systems, such as CMake or Ninja, and the command line build utility IARBuild streamlines building ensuring easier integration with Continuous Integration engines like Jenkins and Bamboo. With the static analysis tool C-STAT, developers can ensure code quality throughout the development and testing process.

“The use of CI/CD environments is growing among our customers and we now enable them to use IAR Build Tools for Arm in the platform of their choice,” said Anders Holmberg, Chief Technology Offer, IAR Systems. “Many customers already appreciate the efficiency and flexibility achieved by using our build tools for Linux, and by further extending our offering across multiple platforms, we enable even more customers to integrate our powerful tools into their automated build workflows.”