GHS and NXP deliver imaging radar solution for L2+ automated driving markets

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Green Hills Software is now supporting imaging radar processors from NXP targeting automotive ADAS and autonomous applications.

Through a technology partnership, the companies are offering an integrated and scalable solution that brings together the industry’s first dedicated 16nm imaging radar processor, the NXP S32R45, with the pre-certified safety and security of the INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS) and software development tools from Green Hills.

The common software and hardware architecture spanning the S32R45 and S32R41 radar processors enables OEMs and Tier 1s to develop and reuse radar software targeting autonomous driving levels L2+ to L5.

Radar sensors are a fundamental building block of automated driving and as vehicle OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers add more automated driving features new imaging radar technologies, such as those found on the S32R45 and S32R41 radar processors, play an important role in increasing driving safety and convenience. At the same time, the underlying RTOS faces more stringent requirements for safety and determinism in its role of controlling the processor and managing hardware-acceleration resources used by radar applications.

In addition, when the S32R45 takes on a domain controller role by running other additional software components at different levels of criticality, the RTOS must guarantee the safe separation of these components, access to resources, and freedom-of-interference running alongside the safety-critical radar applications.

“Imaging radar has emerged as a premier sensing modality that provides object detection and the classification of road users, enhances driver assistance systems, and helps enable autonomous driving”, said Steffen Spannagel, Vice President & General Manager ADAS at NXP. “The combination of NXP’s radar processors S32R45 and S32R41 and the Green Hills RTOS and software development tools enables carmakers and Tier 1s to bring 4D imaging radar’s benefits to a large number of vehicles while easing the development of radar software.”

The combined solution from NXP and Green Hills features a complete, power-efficient and scalable hardware/software platform for developing and deploying production-quality, high-performance radar processing applications.

This platform provides:

  • Superior performance with power efficiency, featuring the integrated Radar SDK providing hardware-accelerated advanced radar and fusion processing algorithms.
  • Scalable software architecture with production-ready RTOSes and development tools enabling developers to leverage the radar acceleration units across the common architecture of the NXP S32R45, S32R41, and future radar processors.
  • The INTEGRITY RTOS’ compact microkernel provides flexible multicore scheduling options for the Arm Cortex-A53 core complex and requires no external memory, saving BOM costs. It is certified to ISO 26262 ASIL D and complies to the ISO 21434 automotive cybersecurity standard.
  • The µ-velOSity RTOS is a tiny and simple RTOS ideally suited for the Arm Cortex-M7 core complex.
  • The MULTI integrated development environment is qualified to ASIL C/D and puts powerful software tools in the hands of developers, enabling them to quickly find and fix even the most difficult bugs, reducing the time to production.
  • The S32R45 meets ASIL B (D) safety requirements and supports secure OTA updates through a hardware security engine (HSE) with EdgeLock certification and can integrate up to 4 cascaded NXP Radar MMICs.
  • Connectivity through Gen 2/3 PCIe, two Gb Ethernet and eight FlexCAN with FD.

Commenting Dan Mender, VP Business Development at Green Hills Software said, “By utilising Green Hills INTEGRITY radar SDK for NXP’s S32R45 and S32R41 processors, customers achieve significant increases in developer productivity and shorter time to production.”