Billions of Bluetooth devices to serve diiverse range of industries by 2024

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The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has announced the findings from the annual Bluetooth Market Update 2020.

The report provides exclusive access to the most critical trends and forecasts for Bluetooth technology and markets as it continues to expand from a personal communication solution to an industrial-grade connectivity engine.

The Bluetooth Market Update 2020 examines the growth and health of the SIG member community, and the trajectory of Bluetooth technology and includins trends, statistics, and forecasts for each key Bluetooth solution area. Some of its key findings inlcude:

  • Audio streaming – Bluetooth technology is poised to transform the way we experience audio and connect with the world around us. Up to 1.5 billion Bluetooth audio streaming devices will be shipping annually by 2024; up 40 percent on 2020.
  • Data transfer – From household appliances and fitness trackers to health sensors and medical innovations, Bluetooth technology connects billions of everyday devices and by 2024 the report expects 1.5 billion Bluetooth data transfer devices to be shipped annually.
  • Location services – Bluetooth technology is being used to create proximity solutions for point-of-interest information and item finding, as well as positioning systems for industrial asset tracking and wayfinding. The report expects 538 million Bluetooth location services devices will ship annually by 2024, representing 4x growth.
  • Device networksWith product qualifications doubling every six months and rapid adoption by innovators in home automation and commercial lighting, Bluetooth mesh is being used for creating control, monitoring, and automation systems where tens, hundreds, or thousands of devices need to be able to communicate reliably with one another. The reports says that 892 million Bluetooth device network devices will ship annually by 2024.

Key trends in traditional Bluetooth markets include:

  • Audio and entertainment – The market conversion to wireless Bluetooth audio continues to pick up speed. 1 billion Bluetooth audio devices are expected to ship in 2020.
  • Automotive – The report details new use cases — such as passive keyless entry, tire pressure monitoring, and condition alerts — that are creating a demand, leading to an anticipated four to six Bluetooth enabled sensors in every future car.
  • Phone, tablet and PC – From indoor navigation and item finding to point of interest information solutions, more than 1.8 billion actively engaged handsets by 2024 will continue to make Bluetooth location services an integral part of the smartphone experience.
  • Connected devices – As location services continues to make a bigger impact on everyday life, the use of tags for item finding, personnel, and pet tracking is increasing. Tags used for positioning and location services will see a 3.4x growth in annual shipments by 2024.

"Every year, the Bluetooth SIG member community works hard to deliver innovations that help shape new market trends. Thanks to their ongoing efforts, Bluetooth technology is securing its place in today’s smart buildings and smart homes,” said Mark Powell, CEO of Bluetooth SIG. “Recent advancements in Bluetooth audio and entertainment solutions, including the launch of LE Audio, are further testament to the ability of Bluetooth technology to significantly influence market trends.”

To download the report, use the link below.