3D gesture control technology boosted by €7.1million investment

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Robert Bosch Venture Capital has announced the completion of a €7.1million investment round in IDENT Technology, supporting the launch of a 3d gesture recognition chip. RBVC joins existing investors, MIG Funds and Danube Equity.

IDENT specialises in intelligent e-field based sensors for the consumer electronics industry and plans to launch its GestIC chip for the 3d gesture control market in 2010. Designed as a highly integrated SoC, the GestIC addresses consumer electronics devices such as tablets and mobile phones. The patented and proprietary e-field based technology allows real time tracking of free space hand or finger movements in front of a device or display. It enables a range of signals from simple touch detection over sophisticated 3d gesture recognition to dynamic positional data of the user's hand. This information is then translated into any type of preprocessed user input commands. According to IDENT, the technology advantages lie in its detection range, high resolution, robustness and low power consumption. Dr Dieter Kraft, investment partner for RBVC's European Region, pictured, said: "We are impressed by IDENT's technological and commercial achievements, and by the spirit and capabilities of the team. We are convinced that their solutions will make groundbreaking contributions to the user interface world ad are happy to support their mission, also as an active member of the company's supervisory board."