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Articles within the archive for January 2018

03/01/2018:Major security flaw found in Intel processors - News
03/01/2018:Three-phase MOSFET driver IC comes with on-board regulator - Product Launches
03/01/2018:Modular power supplies offer conduction cooling capability - Product Launches
03/01/2018:Silicon anode project seeks to extend EV range - News
04/01/2018:OKW extends BODY-CASE wearable enclosures portfolio - Product Launches
04/01/2018:Ultra-low power 32.768kHz clock oscillator - Product Launches
04/01/2018:Iron and oxygen hold the prospect for high capacity batteries - News
05/01/2018:Plessey moves to develop monolithic microLED - News
05/01/2018:The white knuckle ride that is the semiconductor industry - Blogs
05/01/2018:Processors for AI applications - News
05/01/2018:Female power contacts for 2mm pitch connectors - Product Launches
05/01/2018:ON Semiconductor joins CharIN Ecosystem - News
05/01/2018:Xilinx names Peng as president and CEO - News
05/01/2018:Semi sales soared by 22% over 2016, says Gartner - News
08/01/2018:The everyday use for in-vehicle translators - Blogs
08/01/2018:Stadium takes ‘significant step’ with Mouser deal - News
08/01/2018:No such thing as ‘steady as she goes’ in government policy - Blogs
08/01/2018:Intel, Micron stop 3D NAND development, but we still don't know how 3D XPoint works - Blogs
08/01/2018:PCB Design and Manufacturing Live – Birmingham - Events
08/01/2018:Micron, Intel call time on joint 3D NAND development - News
08/01/2018:Lack of infrastructure could imperil self-driving electric cars - Blogs
09/01/2018:Temperature dependent conductivity - News
09/01/2018:UV-B comms system transmits 71Mbit/s - News
09/01/2018:Iron and oxygen hold the prospect for high capacity batteries - News
09/01/2018:Common technology trends of 2018 - Blogs
09/01/2018: Bosch launches BMA400 low power accelerometer - Product Launches
09/01/2018:Infineon partners with Baidu on Apollo program - News
09/01/2018:Infineon supports NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus AI - News
09/01/2018:An EEG headset that measures emotions - News
09/01/2018:Complete wireless battery free sensing solution kit - Product Launches
09/01/2018:New Electronics’ top five online news reads of 2017, as chosen by our readers - News
10/01/2018:Modular Patch Panel HD³ - High Density, Durability & Diversity - Technology Spotlights
10/01/2018:Two qubit silicon gate has been created - News
10/01/2018:An electric eel inspires new battery - News
10/01/2018:Murata X1 capacitor targets high voltage industrial applications - Product Launches
10/01/2018:¼ Brick DC:DC converters from Gresham rated at 100W and 150W - Product Launches
10/01/2018: The most read products featured online in 2017 - News
10/01/2018:Your top five online features of 2017 - News
10/01/2018:DLP technology set to be deployed in headlight systems - News
10/01/2018:Telecommunications Infrastructure Project looks to apply open source technologies - Reference/Features
10/01/2018:Why the distributor’s culture is a winning differentiator - Interview
10/01/2018:Cadence Academic Network celebrates ten-year anniversary - News
10/01/2018:Avalanche board featuring Microsemi’s PolarFire FPGAs - Product Launches
10/01/2018:ICs compliant with Bluetooth Ver. 5.0 - Product Launches
10/01/2018:49 qubit test chip unveiled by Intel at CES - News
10/01/2018:Fibre OLEDs developed that are thinner than a human hair - News
11/01/2018:Tissue regeneration through robotic implants - News
11/01/2018:Reducing development risk in communications applications - Reference/Features
11/01/2018:Ensuring code quality when faced with time-to-market challenges - Reference/Features
11/01/2018:Wireless and wearable technology for commercial health-monitoring - News
11/01/2018:York EMC changes name, Eurofins buys MET Labs - News
11/01/2018:Electrochemical logic circuits developed by Swedish team - News
11/01/2018:Timing, EMI and sound can provide attackers with information - Reference/Features
11/01/2018:Oxford University Innovation continues to impress with a growing list of spin out formations - Reference/Features
11/01/2018:Creating the right image with CMOS image sensor technology - Reference/Features
11/01/2018:World’s smallest Bluetooth low energy module - Product Launches
11/01/2018:Reductions of up to 50% in DC/DC converter solution size - Product Launches
11/01/2018:Quarter-brick DC-DC converters - Product Launches
12/01/2018:Pulses of light to encrypt and protect - News
15/01/2018:Two spin-off founders to industrialise adhesive health-monitoring electrode - News
15/01/2018:Wavy transistors deliver ultrahigh definition displays - News
15/01/2018:A Year of Engineering kicks starts with dozens of projects announced - News
15/01/2018:Energy storage solution for EVs and other booster applications - Product Launches
15/01/2018:Evolution of real-time applications calls for novel memory technologies - Reference/Features
15/01/2018:Evolution of Real-Time Applications Calls for Novel Memory Technologies - Product Launches
16/01/2018:Mouser Stocks NXP LPC800 MCU - Technology Spotlights
16/01/2018:HI-TMP wet tantalum capacitors offer increased reliability - Product Launches
17/01/2018:Advanced automotive touchscreen controller from Cypress - Product Launches
17/01/2018:Surface-mount design 12G-SDI BNC right angled connectors for broadcast and vision - Product Launches
17/01/2018:Ford accelerates global development of electric vehicles - Blogs
17/01/2018:Nanostructured gate dielectric could enable large flexible displays - News
17/01/2018:Sensor that monitors medical conditions before dissolving in the body - News
17/01/2018:Copper wires built atom by atom - News
17/01/2018:Efficiency of thermoelectric devices could be boosted by topological materials - News
17/01/2018:Starter kit for quick-start IoT applications - Product Launches
18/01/2018:Embedded oscilloscope family features 10bit vertical resolution - Product Launches
18/01/2018:Tiny vision processing chip uses 20 times less power - News
18/01/2018:ams extends digital multispectral offering - Product Launches
18/01/2018:Automotive qualified Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC family from Xilinx - Product Launches
18/01/2018:Fully embedded stand-alone Wi-Fi module - Product Launches
18/01/2018:Qualcomm gets nod from EC, Korea to buy NXP - News
18/01/2018:Everspin ramps STT-MRAM to volume, gets revenue - News
18/01/2018:Fully integrated SVID and PVID enabled voltage regulator - Product Launches
19/01/2018:Supporting engineers for 80 years - Technology Spotlights
19/01/2018:Moore’s Law still refuses to call it quits - Blogs
19/01/2018:Has EUV finally come of age? - Blogs
19/01/2018:Graphene scaffold could solve lithium battery problems - News
19/01/2018:Active mixer said to deliver 7GHz bandwidth and a 20dbm OIP3 - Product Launches
19/01/2018:Power management IC for automotive control units - Product Launches
19/01/2018: Ultra-low voltage drop linear LED driver IC - Product Launches
22/01/2018:Malcom Penn casts his predictions over semi market - News
22/01/2018:Resurgence of interest in FPGAs helped by new services via the Cloud - News
22/01/2018:Space junk recovery processes set to be tested - News
22/01/2018:New semiconductor processing technology developed by TU Wien - News
22/01/2018:Voice interfaces were prominent at this year's CES in Las Vegas - Blogs
22/01/2018:Improvements to computer memory through junction control - News
22/01/2018:Two-dimensional circuit with magnetic quasi-particles - News
22/01/2018:Metal-semiconductor interface for brain-inspired computing - News
22/01/2018:12.1” Wide Format Ultra Bright LCD Module - Ideal for Use Outdoors - Technology Spotlights
23/01/2018:NI unveils latest enhancements to LabVIEW NXG - News
23/01/2018:IoT pushes wireless MCU developers to create devices with more processing power - Reference/Features
23/01/2018:Trojans aren’t restricted to the software domain - Reference/Features
23/01/2018:Voice takes centre stage at CES - Reference/Features
23/01/2018:Race is on to develop new battery chemistries and manufacturing processes - Reference/Features
23/01/2018:Update on Intel bug - News
23/01/2018:Thermal engineers voice frustration with simulation software packages - News
23/01/2018:Rohde & Schwarz adds six new probe models to its power portfolio - Product Launches
23/01/2018:Metadevices are result of inverse design - News
23/01/2018:Analog Devices unveils DC/DC regulator with a serial PMBus interface - Product Launches
23/01/2018:The Year of the Engineer - Blogs
23/01/2018:Exploration into transistor reliability leads to new discoveries - News
23/01/2018:Mornsun launches 10-20W 90-528VAC Input Voltage AC/DC Converters for Three-phase Four-wire System - Technology Spotlights
23/01/2018:Littelfuse completes acquisition of IXYS - News
23/01/2018:The best way to generate a negative voltage for your system - Reference/Features
24/01/2018:DesignSpark Pmod adapter for the Raspberry Pi - Product Launches
24/01/2018:Bi-directional electrostatic discharge protection diode for portable devices - Product Launches
24/01/2018:Chip sized atomic clock could be available in 2019 - News
24/01/2018:Heat behaviour discovery could improve electronic device performance - News
24/01/2018:GPU core supports multiple 4K screens - News
24/01/2018:Lithium battery life could be doubled by adding graphene girders to silicon electrodes - News
24/01/2018:Securing competitive edge via to ‘ready to go’ partner solutions - Design +
24/01/2018:Next-gen surface modification bolsters implantable medical devices - News
24/01/2018:EN 62477-1 compliant 240W model added to industrial power supply series - Product Launches
24/01/2018:Don't underestimate the complexity of Type-C validation - Reference/Features
24/01/2018:Agricultural robots and drones to become a $45bn industry by 2038 - News
24/01/2018:World's smallest LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT multimode module with quad band 2G fallback - Product Launches
24/01/2018:Optomax Industrial series offers greater overall electrical robustness and flexibility - Product Launches
25/01/2018:Memristor pushed to ‘new levels of performance’ - News
25/01/2018:A sensor that can measure electric field strength - News
25/01/2018:Who gives a flick? - Blogs
25/01/2018:ST looks healthier than it has for some time. But ... - Blogs
25/01/2018:Will the memristor make the jump to ‘real world’ applications? - Blogs
25/01/2018:Biosensor could monitor glucose levels in tears and sweat - News
25/01/2018:ST delivers ‘strong finish’ to 2017 as sales grow by 19.7% - News
26/01/2018:Quantum race accelerates development of silicon quantum chip - News
26/01/2018:Recycling cathodes to make new lithium ion batteries - News
26/01/2018:Shape memory effect could enable low power electronics - News
26/01/2018:Electron spin converted to light - News
29/01/2018:Flexible, high-performance solar cells could become portable power sources - News
29/01/2018:Digital display technology attracts £6m - News
29/01/2018:The missing piece of the puzzle for artificial brains? - News
29/01/2018:Stretchable aqueous batteries developed by UNIST researchers - News
30/01/2018:Constant-current LED drivers in low-profile DFN package target edge lighting - Product Launches
30/01/2018:The Cadence OrCAD Entrepreneur package for OrCAD Capture Cloud - News
30/01/2018:RS Components introduces efficient power semiconductors from Power Integrations - Product Launches
30/01/2018:Transceiver/MCU Combo from Maxim Integrated - Technology Spotlights
30/01/2018:A ski jacket that actively gets rid of sweat using electrical textiles - News
30/01/2018:Diamonds show promise for spintronic devices - News
30/01/2018:Customisable, fabric-like power source for wearables - News
30/01/2018:Wireless light switch for targeted cancer therapy - News
30/01/2018:Microbattery designed specifically for wearables - Product Launches
30/01/2018:Wearable Technologies – Munich - Events
31/01/2018:Team creates ‘new generation of HD’ - News
31/01/2018:Nanomanufacturing facility to target next generation electronics - News
31/01/2018:Bluetooth 4.2 evaluation and prototyping platform - Product Launches
31/01/2018:Semiconductor sales see UK distributor figures flat - News
31/01/2018:Fully encapsulated Dual 30A and Single 33A digital power modules - Product Launches
31/01/2018:Smart lighting market is expected to reach a value of $19.47 billion by 2022 - News
31/01/2018:Infineon and AMD see strong growth - News
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