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Does using 'standard' connectors reduce design advantage or increase flexibility? 12/11/2013

Connectors are not the glamorous end of the market. They are expected to do what it says on the tin rather than be responsible for adding much value. But it is ...

The importance of verifying the architecture of an SoC prototyping system 11/12/2012

Despite the apparent trend towards using other platforms, asics remain a popular method of integrating functionality into a single device and achieving cost ...

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Samtec Ltd

New Albany, IN 47151-1147

Samtec United Kingdom Ltd

Cumbernauld, G68 9HN

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Samtec SEARAY high density arrays 18/08/2011

Samtec's SEARAY high density arrays offer maximum grounding and routing design flexibility for high speed applications. This rugged system provides up to 500 ...

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High Speed, High Density Demands Drive Evolution of Samtec’s SEARAY™ Line 13/12/2011

The latest additions to Samtec's SEARAY™ family are a Right Angle design ideal for perpendicular and high speed micro backplane applications and a Press-Fit ...

Rugged Edge Rate™ Connector Strips 18/07/2011

Samtec's High Speed Edge Rate™ product line now includes 0,5mm pitch connector strips and a Right Angle socket. The system offers PCB space savings of up to ...