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Multi-String LED Design - UCC28810EVM-003 19/11/2010

110-W offline AC-to-DC LED current driver with power factor correction that utilizes a three stage approach

eCoupled Wireless Power: Simplify Your Life! 19/11/2010

Working with industry leading partners like Texas Instruments to bring the technology into your hands, eCoupled is leading the charge towards a true ...

Specificiations of the Texas Instruments TPS62290 19/11/2010

Texas Instruments, Avnet and Xilinx discuss the details of the TI TPS62290 power device that was selected for the Spartan-3A development board in ...

The Good LED Driver 19/11/2010

How to serialize control information in lighting designs using the DMX 512-A protocol.

Descriptions of voltage detector, sequencer, and supervisors 19/11/2010

A discussion about voltage detector, sequencer, and supervisors

LDO Output Noise 19/11/2010

Where does LDO Output noise come from?

Power Management Solutions for Point-of-Load Consumer ... 19/11/2010

Integration in power electronics allows digital designers to focus on their key talents and leave more of the design burden to the power IC vendor. ...

Power Solutions for Intel(R) Core i3, i5, i7 Embedded ... 19/11/2010

This video describes voltage regulation and battery management solutions for Intel Core i3, i5, i7 Embedded Computers.

1.1 Amp Linear Charger with Production Test Mode - bq25040 19/11/2010

A discussion around the bq25040 production test mode. When put it in this mode it supplies the voltage for the GSM calibration test.

Powering LEDs 19/11/2010

Texas Instruments, Arrow and Cree discuss the options available for power LEDs in this Analog eLab Videocast Series.

Color Lighting Innovations with a New LED Board - ... 19/11/2010

TI Business Development Manager for Power Solutions, Dirk Gehrke, gives an overview of the key features and functions of the new TPS62260 LED ...

Battery Management for Handheld Applications 19/11/2010

An overview of TI's battery management solutions for handheld applications.

Using TI’s SwitcherPro™ Tool to Simulate Your Power Design 19/11/2010

Texas Instruments, Avnet and Xilinx discuss the software tool used to simulate the design, TI SwitcherPro™, for the Spartan-3A development board in ...

Subscriber Line Interface Card (SLIC) Charge Pump.flv 19/11/2010

A discussion around the solution for providing on- and off-hook power for two phone lines through power supply and driven by a 3.3-volt input source

How to Measure Load Regulation 19/11/2010

A discussion about the methods to accurately measure load regulation of power supplies.

How to Measure Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) 19/11/2010

A discussion about the methods used to measure the Power Supply Ripple Rejection (PSRR) of a linear regulator.

Power Solutions for Intel Embedded Computing Design ... 19/11/2010

This video describes power solutions for solving complex design with Intel Embedded Computing

A Demonstration of a 16-Channel, 12-bit PWM LED Driver with ... 19/11/2010

Ever wondered what powers a jumbo-tron? Find out in this introduction to the TLC5946 LED Driver EVM.

Understanding Power Supply Basics and Terminology - DC/DC ... 19/11/2010

This video is a training that covers Power Supply Basics and Terminology along with an overview of DC/DC converters from TI.

Designing DC/DC converters based on SEPIC topology 19/11/2010

A discussion on why you shouldn't be afraid to use a SEPIC converter for your DC/DC Converter.

Diode turn-on time induced failures in switching regulators 24/09/2010

Most circuit designers are familiar with diode dynamic characteristics such as charge storage, voltage dependent capacitance and reverse recovery ...

3E Power Module Series 14/09/2010

The first complete series of digitally controlled board mounted power converters to be available within the power conversion industry.

What is creepage and clearance? 03/09/2010

This video will teach the basics of the safety distance between conductors in high voltage isolation barriers.

Selecting the right voltage level translator 03/09/2010

This video will discuss the difference in translators and how to select the right one for your application.

Voltage Regulation in Automotive Electronic systems 18/08/2010

Michelle Hartsell, Product Engineer at Texas Instruments, discusses how for automotive electronics systems' designers maintaining a continuous V to ...