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GaN reference designs set to play central role in power ... 25/06/2013

Gallium nitride (GaN) has been touted as 'the next big thing' in power electronics applications for some time now. In speed, temperature, efficiency ...

Power verification is just as important as functional ... 14/05/2013

SoCs are getting smaller and faster, but smaller node geometries leak more current and higher speed circuitry consumes more power. Yet everyone wants ...

European Standard set to improve energy performance of ... 27/09/2011

Increasing demand for electrical energy has motivated the drive to reduce energy consumption, as suggested by the European Climate Change Programme. ...

Wireless data to be followed by wireless power? 24/05/2011

We may have seen a wireless revolution in the last decade, but it has been all about wireless data. But when it comes to transmitting power, cables ...
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Digital power techniques deliver benefits throughout a ... 17/09/2010

By Patrick Le Fevre, director marketing and Communication, Ericsson Power Modules

Plug and play: Directives and standards 24/05/2010

Does your 'previously approved' power supply meet UK plug pin requirements?

Hive mentality: Microrobots 08/03/2010

By imitating insects, microrobots could open new avenues of research and application.

Powering change 23/02/2010

The challenges of the EuP Directive and some potential solutions

Sounds good! A new approach to audio amplifiers promises ... 25/01/2010

Much has been written about the efficiency of Class D amplifiers, with figures of 90% or greater being routinely quoted.

Supply and demand 10/11/2009

Smaller, more efficient and cooler: the trends in system power.

Cover story: Hot Chips 10/11/2009

Counterfeit components are so widespread that there is every chance you will unknowingly already have some in your home gadgets.

Outlook 2010: The key to energy reduction 28/10/2009

Emerging 32bit MCU solutions will drive higher efficiency applications through intrinsic ultra low power operation

Directives drive efficiency 18/09/2009

Energy efficiency is nearing the top of the designer's agenda.

Power to their elbow 10/08/2009

Portfolio updates bring more options to dsp designers.

Is the tide turning? 10/08/2009

Cutting CO2 emissions means more reliance on renewable energy – including tidal generation – and a change in consumer habits. Both bring ...

Herding cats? 27/07/2009

Are our industry associations moving in the same direction or is it still each for itself?

The big sleep 13/07/2009

How deep sleep modes are helping to tackle the challenge of power constrained applications.

Power for change 26/05/2009

The new Battery Directive has implications for all designers

Economics and ecology in harmony 22/04/2009

Brushless direct current motors are often referred to as 'green motors' because of their efficiency and therefore low power consumption. Fitted with ...

Boosting bandwidth 24/10/2008

Optical integration set to drive communications to the next level.

Suited and booted 23/11/2007

Nowadays it’s rare that the roles of engineer, entrepreneur and salesman can be combined effectively. By Mike Richardson.

An innovation hotbed 20/07/2007

Is it hot in here or is it me? How innovation helps system designers radiate less heat and boost efficiency. By Mike Richardson.