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Module is ‘power supply in a package’ 24/04/2014

Intersil has introducted the ISL8216M, an 80V, 4A non isolated DC/DC step down power module and says this marks its entrance into high voltage ...

Full brick module family updated 22/04/2014

The PFE-SA series of AC/DC full brick power modules from TDK Lambda is said to represent a significant upgrade to the PFE-S series launched five ...

€55million European project set to ramp knowledge of power ... 02/04/2014

Described as one of the most important European energy efficiency research projects has been launched in Dresden. The three year eRamp project, with ...

2W DC/DC converters cut footprint in half 19/03/2014

The MTU2 series of surface mounted 2W DC/DC converters is claimed to be 50% smaller than the competition.

Narrower focus on power management to bring technology ... 18/03/2014

Intersil has announced plans to use its technology portfolio and track record of innovation to develop power management solutions for applications ...

Buck regulators address multiple voltage rail requirements 07/03/2014

Suited to complex industrial and medical systems, Intersil's ISL85410 and ISL85418 synchronous buck regulators support a range of input and output ...

Digital power market set for ‘explosive’ growth 05/03/2014

IHS is anticipating 'explosive' growth in the global digital power market over the coming years.

TI shipping dual mode wireless power receiver 28/02/2014

Now shipping in volume production, Texas Instrument's dual mode wireless power receiver is claimed to be the first to support both the WPC Qi 1.1 and ...

Dual-mode wireless power receiver is 'world's first' 26/02/2014

Claiming an industry first, IDT has developed a dual-mode wireless power receiver that is compatible with both the WPC 1.1 Qi and PMA 1.1 standards.

Vicor extends design service to EU market 25/02/2014

Vicor is now offering its custom design and manufacturing service to European customers.

'Fastest' A/D converter clocks in at 4Gsample/s 19/02/2014

The industry's fastest 12bit A/D converter has been launched by Texas Instruments.

Point of load converter range expanded 05/02/2014

Murata has added two devices to its Okami OKL range of non isolated point of load DC/DC converters.

Amantys awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification 16/01/2014

Power electronics specialist Amantys has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for the design, development and commercial exploitation of power ...

SuVolta raises $10.6m for low power chip tech 16/01/2014

SuVolta has secured $10.6million in funding from existing backers and new investor Fujitsu, which is collaborating with the Silicon Valley company to ...

High density power modules available in tiny package 14/01/2014

The industry's lowest profile, highest density power modules have been touted by Exar.

Power supplies meet latest green specifications 08/01/2014

Adding to its ECS family of 'green' ac/dc power supplies, XP Power has introduced the 130W ECS130 module.

RF transistors cover all cellular infrastructure bands 11/12/2013

Two new Airfast rf power solutions have been introduced by Freescale.

Brushless dc motor companion device 27/11/2013

A three phase brushless dc motor gate driver with power module has been introduced by Microchip. The MCP8024 includes functions that provide dsPIC ...

Drivers bring enhanced functionality for industrial ... 26/11/2013

Infineon Technologies has launched the 1EDI EiceDRIVER compact single channel gate driver for applications with isolation voltages of up to 1200V. ...

Adapter provides better view of power system performance 15/11/2013

Amantys has launched the Power Insight Adapter, said to be a fully engineered way to add Insight data monitoring and observability to an igbt module ...

Tiny FemtoFET mosfets offer ‘lowest’ on resistance 06/11/2013

A new family of FemtoFET mosfet transistors is available from Texas Instruments, designed to offer an ultra low on resistance of 100mill-ohms from a ...

Power supplies offer 'leading' 94% efficiency 06/11/2013

Murata has announced the D1U54P family of 54mm wide, 1200W front end power supplies.

Dialog ic to power Samsung’s Galaxy Trend 3 28/10/2013

Dialog Semiconductor's D2199 power management chip has been selected for use in the new Samsung Galaxy Trend 3 smartphone.

Altera uses Enpirion tech for power optimised reference ... 22/10/2013

Five months after its acquisition over Enpirion, Altera has announced the first implementation of its technology in the shape of power optimised ...

Power modules offer highest efficiency in smallest package 16/10/2013

Texas Instruments has added three new power management modules to its Simple Switcher family.