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Ashley Evans, chief executive, Electronics KTN09/02/2010

As the Electronics KTN evolves, it will face a new set of challenges. Graham Pitcher talks with chief executive Ashley Evans.

Phil Mayo, md, Premier EDA 24/11/2009

Phil Mayo, managing director, Premier EDA Solutions speaks with Chris Shaw
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Roger Rogowski, UKEA 19/10/2009

Last week's Anti Counterfeiting Forum saw electronics industry leaders convene to discuss ...

Stephen Radley, EEF 17/08/2009

Chris Shaw speaks with Stephen Radley, chief economist at the EEF – the engineering and ...

Digby Barker, Sollerta Ltd 06/08/2009

Ahead of this year's DSEi exhibition, Chris Shaw speaks to seminar presenter Dr Digby ...

Guy Anderson, editor, Jane's 16/07/2009

With this year's DSEi exhibition fast approaching, Chris Shaw speaks to the presenter of ...

Patrick Le Fèvre, Ericsson 24/06/2009

Patrick Le Fèvre, marketing director, Ericsson Power Modules, talks with Chris Shaw

Andy Gales, vp, Vicor 30/03/2009

Andy Gales, vice president, international sales, Vicor, talks with Chris Shaw

Nitin Sharma, Analog Devices 26/02/2009

Nitin Sharma, Analog Devices' product marketing manager, high speed ADC group, speaks ...

Jerry McGuire, Analog Devices 23/02/2009

Jerry McGuire, Analog Devices' vice president, general purpose dsp group, speaks with ...

Mark Larson, Digi-Key 21/02/2009

Mark Larson, president of Digi-Key, talks to New Electronics about meeting the needs of ...