€55million European project set to ramp knowledge of power electronics02/04/2014

Described as one of the most important European energy efficiency research projects has been launched in Dresden. The three year eRamp project, with €55million of funding, is looking to strengthen and expand Germany and Europe as centres of expertise for the manufacture of power electronics. In ...

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A/D converters get it right25/03/2014

Successive approximation A/D converters, with resolutions of up to 18bit and sampling at ...

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6W DC/DC converters02/04/2014

XP Power has announced the ITX series of 6W DC/DC converters. Available in an industry ...

1W DC/DC converters 21/02/2014
35A dc/dc converter 14/01/2014

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PCIM Europe 2014 Conference20/05/2014

20th – 22nd May 2014, Nuremburg, Germany

BEEAs 201309/10/2014

9th October 2014, 8 Northumberland, London


Ashley Evans, Electronics KTN09/02/2010

As the Electronics KTN evolves, it will face a new set of challenges. Graham Pitcher ...

Phil Mayo, md, Premier EDA24/11/2009

Phil Mayo, managing director, Premier EDA Solutions speaks with Chris Shaw
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Packing a powerful punch 24/03/2014

Power is back when it comes to industrial system performance and efficiency. We're no longer ...

Powering ahead 01/07/2013

Too often in the past, electronics industry initiatives have been announced only for them to wither ...

Power project to threaten UK? 29/04/2013

The market for industrial power components is believed to be worth $130billion a year and to be ...

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Converters cut space by 50%

The MTU2 series of surface mounted 2W DC/DC converters is claimed to be 50% smaller than the competition.

Intersil targets power lead

Intersil has announced plans to use its technology portfolio and track record of innovation to develop power ...

Integrated buck regulators

Suited to complex industrial and medical systems, Intersil's ISL85410 and ISL85418 synchronous buck regulators ...

A/D converters get it right

Successive approximation A/D converters, with resolutions of up to 18bit and sampling at 10Msample/s, are suited ...

DC transmission on a comeback

The pressure throughout the energy supply chain to deliver electrical power more efficiently is intense and ...

Low voltage power supplies

TDK has added 12 and 15V models to its ZWS300BAF series of single output power supplies.

1W DC/DC converters

Murata has announced the NCS1 family of single output, 1W DC/DC converters.

6W DC/DC converters

XP Power has announced the ITX series of 6W DC/DC converters. Available in an industry standard SIP 8-pin packages ...