Publishers need to offer two things to the market – circulation excellence and editorial quality. New Electronics’ ABC circulation tells you the magazine goes to the right people and its editorial quality ensures those people read the magazine as a matter of preference.

But there’s more to New Electronics than the magazine and its circulation. There’s a website where visitors can read the latest news and technology information, browse the editorial blogs and source technology suppliers using the NE Directory. And a weekly ezine is sent to 12,000 people, driving them to the New Electronics website.

With its regular news, features, in depth cover stories and insightful analysis, New Electronics is the ONLY brand for anyone trying to reach design engineers and design management in the UK’s electronic design sector.

This part of the site together with our downloadable media pack allows you to look at the magazine in depth – including its well defined and targeted circulation and its focused editorial programme. You can also discover more about the options available that allow you to reach your target market with precision.

New Electronics has an audience with authority to spend, the desire to spend, the budget to spend and they are guided by New Electronics in how they spend it!

We look forward to working with you.

Ed Tranter
Executive Director, Findlay Media

Every issue of New Electronics has a mix of regular sections. It provides electronic design engineers with practical information in an exciting and compelling format.

A highly experienced team of journalists includes qualified engineers with exceptional expertise and a passion for their subject. The information below is by no means an exhaustive list of editorial coverage, but it gives a good cross section of the high value content readers receive in every issue of New Electronics.

You are welcome to contact me with your press releases and content ideas.

Graham Pitcher
Group Editor

Regular sections

the editor’s overview of a particular innovation or recent development across the industry.

News and analysis:
giving the story and outlining its significance to electronic design engineers.

Expanded cover stories:
these three page features have broad appeal across our readership.

Technology features:
these two page features run throughout the magazine and every issue covers key issues and innovations within research & development, embedded design, communications design and system design.

comprise a two page interview with a senior industry figure.

Company profiles:
provide an insight into a market-leading engineering or supplier company.

Special supplements

As well as a breadth of information across electronic engineering design, our readers need a deeper insight into specific areas or particular industry issues. To meet this need, New Electronics runs supplements and extended special reports throughout the year.

Download latest features list

Download latest technology spotlight features list

The New Electronics circulation, which is fully ABC audited every year, is taken from the Findlay Media Mastersource database. This database has universal coverage of all manufacturing and design sites within the UK and is continuously updated by a specialist data research team.

ABC terms of control

“New Electronics is a magazine for engineers and engineering management at their business addresses who directly control or influence the electronic design and specification function for electronic components, systems or materials and individuals directly responsible for the purchase of electronic components, systems or materials.”

With its high quality content and database of extremely relevant potential customers, New Electronics is THE publication for electronic design engineers and the companies trying to reach them.

Circulation Summary

Universe of electronics design sites 6,166
Universe of electronics designers 49,551
New Electronics sites 7,615
New Electronics copies (ABC certified Jan - Dec 2010) 16,000
ABC average net circulation Jan - Dec 2010 16,399

Analysis by job function

General Management 5,803
Design Management 10,100
Product Design 11,160
Software Design 6,169
Research & Development 8,534
Design Test 7,077
Purchasing 5,874
Systems Integration 6,890

Analysis by Industry/Sector

Description: Universe
design sites:
New Electronics
New Electronics
Electronics OEM 1,795 12,981 1,886 4,746
Intensive End Users 2,390 15,561 3,821 7,047
Non Manufacturing 1,981 21,009 1,908 4,207
Total 6,166 49,551 7,615 16,000

Download the ABC certificate

New Electronics gives you a wide range of advertising opportunities within the market leading title for design engineers.

Rates and data

Advertisement rates - Effective January to December 2011

Display advertisement

Size/rate 1x 6x 12x 22x*
Full page £3,200 £3,050 £2,900 £2,700
Half page £1,950 £1,850 £1,750 £1,700
Quarter page £1,250 £1,200 £1,150 £1,100

* Further discounts are available for over 22 pages

Premium position surcharge
First half: +30%
IFC, IBC, OBC: +50%
Centre spread: +20%


If you are trying to promote your brand and your products to design engineers, then display advertising within New Electronics is the most logical approach.

With the strength of circulation and the highly relevant content, it is a platform within which you can confidently invest your marketing budget.

Size:   Height x width:
Double page spread Bleed 292 x 426mm
  Trim 286 x 420mm
  Type area 254 x 388mm
Single page size Bleed 292 x 216mm
  Trim 286 x 210mm
  Type area 254 x 178mm
Half horizontal Bleed 140 x 216mm
  Trim 137 x 210mm
  Type area 124 x 178mm
Half vertical Bleed 292 x 103mm
  Trim 286 x 100mm
  Type area 254 x 86mm
Quarter standard Type area 124 x 86mm
Quarter horizontal Type area 65 x 178mm

Instructions for electronic files

All of the following instructions MUST be followed when submitting ads electronically.

Our preferred digital medium is a high res. PDF. Please follow The Periodicals Press Association (PPA) Pass4Press digital advertising transfer standards. For details please visit their website

All digital artwork must be presented in a manner ready for press. Findlay Media does not accept responsibility for files that have not been presented correctly, the sole responsibility for file content is down to the file originator.

Copy date is 10 days prior to publication date. Drop dead latest deadline for urgent circumstances is Tuesday prior to publication - to be used only with agreement from Nicki McKenna.


If you have a complicated message that cannot be put across within a branding or product format, then perhaps advertorial pages are a better option.

Give your brand a platform to talk to your current and potential customers with an opinion or product range led page.


Double page spread £3,850
Single page £2,000

No resources to write it? No problem!

For an additional £:500 we can provide one of our in-house team to write the piece for you to your specifications.

Advertising options

If you want something other than on the page advertising we can help.

Below are just some of the options that we can provide, however if you have something specific in mind then let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

Technical specification and rates As each product is different, contact us to talk about your requirements


Put your brochure or promotional marketing into the hands of our readers!

Our audience can be broken down in many ways to allow your event mailer, new product line brochure or general marketing message to reach your potential customers quickly and effectively.

Cost for full circulation up to 10g is £1500

Additional charges of £15 per gm per 1,000 for heavier items.

With our comprehensive reach into the market and the accuracy of our database an insert can save you both the time and cost of sourcing and cleaning the data not to mention posting it yourself.

Magazine advertising inserts


The results of New Electronics’ 2010 reader survey showed that it has a unique audience with the authority to spend, the desire to spend, the budget to spend, guided by New Electronics in how it spends. Can you afford to miss out?

Authority to spend:
95% of readers authorise or specify purchases
85% of readers have made purchasing decisions based on information seen within New Electronics

Budget to spend:
10% of readers have budgets in excess of £1,000,000
13% have between £250,000 and £1,000,000
77% have up to £250,000

Unique audience:
17% of New Electronics audience never read Electronics Weekly
60% of New Electronics our audience never read CIE
35% of New Electronics audience never reads Electronic Product Design

Committed audience:
70% of readers would choose New Electronics if they could only read one electronics design magazine
66% read over half of each issue
37% retain each issue for archive purposes
84% found it relevant to their daily job

Areas of spend in the next 12 months:
Board Level Products (inc VME, Compact PCI) – 27%
Communications Products – 38%
Embedded Software (inc development tools and operating systems) – 41%
Digital Signal Processors – 26%
Displays and Interfaces – 42%
Embedded Power Products – 25%
Interconnect Products – 46%
Memories/Storage Devices – 41%
Microcontrollers/Microprocessors – 50%
Mixed Signal and Analogue Components – 51%
Optoelectronic Products – 43%
Programmable Logic/FPGAs – 43%
RF and Microwave Components – 26%
System Power Products – 33%
est and Measurement Products – 59%

Please download the latest New Electronics media pack

New Electronics media pack