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Precise scope for power

For the first time, claims Yokogawa, the functions of an oscilloscope have been introduced into a power analyser with the launch of the hybrid PX8000 precision power scope.

ARM, UMC announce 28nm IP deal

ARM and UMC have announced an agreement to offer the ARM Artisan physical IP platform along with POP IP for UMC's 28nm high-performance low-power (HLP) process technology.

2013: A year when technology came out on top

There was no shortage of innovation in the electronics industry in 2013, as shown by the constantly changing headlines on the New Electronics website. Technology evolves and then is used in increasingly innovative ways, and this is reflected in our most popular news stories of the past year.

Gaia features largest CCD array

The European Space Agency's Gaia mission has been successfully launched, with the goal of making the largest, most precise three dimensional map of the Milky Way.

Ultra low power a/d converter unveiled

Researchers at the Public University of Navarra have developed what they describe as an ultra low consumption a/d converter. The 8bit charge redistribution successive approximation register (SAR) device is intended for use in wireless sensor nodes, where it can be powered by energy harvested from the environment.

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