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Harvester could capture energy from ambient rf signals

imec and the Holst Centre, along with the Delft University of Technology and the Eindhoven University of Technology, have designed and fabricated a self calibrating rf energy harvester which may pave the way towards capturing energy from ambient WiFi or GSM signals.

Miniature optical sensor boosts microphone performance

An optical sensor less than 1mm in diameter is set to improve the sensitivity of microphones, according to Norwegian research organisation SINTEF. The researchers have exploited optical diffraction and interference to allow the sensor to measure membrane movements of less than the diameter of an atom.

ST, Rambus sign cross licenses, settle lawsuits

STMicroelectronics has signed an agreement with Rambus that expands existing licenses between the two companies and settles all outstanding claims. The deal is also said to commits both organisations to explore additional opportunities for collaboration.

Peratech puts touch sensor behind display to save battery life

In a move intended to extend battery life in portable devices with OLED screens, Peratech has used its QTC Ultra Sensor technology to allow a touch screen interface to be placed behind the display, rather than in front. Because the sensor is behind the screen, there is no loss of light and longer battery life.

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