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Murata joins EMerge Alliance

Murata Power Solutions has become a member of the EMerge Alliance, an open industry association aiming to develop standards for the rapid adoption of dc power distribution within commercial buildings.

Lithium-sulphur battery breakthrough claimed

Researchers at the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have come up with a promising design for a lithium-sulphur battery that is considerably cheaper and more energy dense than the standard lithium-ion batteries used in today's electronics.

Visteon to use VectorCAST testing platform

As automotive software complexity grows, developers are expected to deliver high quality code which meets stringent standards in shorter time frames. Looking to meet these challenges, Visteon Electronics will use the VectorCAST testing platform as a component of its software development strategy.

Signal analyser hits 50GHz

A new measurement option for the R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyser allows real time signal analysis at frequencies up to 50GHz with an analysis bandwidth of 160MHz.

Transient voltage suppressor diodes

A series of transient voltage suppressor diodes from Infineon is designed to protect antennas and front end devices from transient voltage events. The ESD101x and ESD103x diodes absorb electrostatic discharges (ESD), preventing damage to the antenna system while maintaining signal integrity.

Additives set to improve plastic electronics production

Scientists at Imperial College have discovered that an improvement to the crystallisation process could revolutionise the way that electronic products are made. By controlling the way that crystals are grown, say the researchers, engineers can determine the properties they want – including transparency and toughness. Crystal growth can be controlled by adding small amounts of chemical additives to plastic formulations. The team from Imperial College has shown these additives can improve how plastic electronics is made.

48V GaN transistors to open new market opportunities

Gallium nitride specialist Nitronex has developed a family of products based on a new 48V GaN on iilicon process technology. The NPT2000 series of discrete high electron mobility transistors (HEMT) supports power levels of 12, 25, 50 and 100W and is available in plastic and ceramic packages.

Kontron launches Fourth Generation based products

Kontron has announced support for Intel's Fourth Generation Core processors across a broad range of systems, boards and modules. Four intelligent platforms has been launched, each offering improved processing and graphics performance, as well as energy efficiency.

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