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Graphene enables femtosecond laser pulses

Graphene Flagship researchers have developed an optical fibre laser that can emits pulses just a few wavelengths of light in duration. The device, based on graphene, is thought to be suited to ultrafast spectroscopy and in surgical lasers.

Sol-gel capacitor dielectric rivals batteries in energy density

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a capacitor dielectric material, using a hybrid silica sol-gel material and a nanoscale self-assembled monolayer of octylphosphonic acid, which is claimed to provide electrical energy storage capacity rivalling that of batteries.

Infineon shows strong growth

Infineon Technologies has reported its results for the third quarter of the 2015 fiscal year. The results show that revenue grew by 7%, a rise of €103million to €1,586m at a margin of 15.4%. Infineon predicts a 1% growth for the final quarter and a 34% increase for the full year.

Update to TASKING compiler for TriCore/AURIX Microcontrollers

Altium has announced the release of a major update to its TASKING compiler for TriCore/AURIX microcontrollers which power advanced automotive applications. This release supports the next generation of Infineon TriCore technologies and enables engineers to begin development on advanced automotive applications before the AURIX family line is released publicly.

Researchers demonstrate the world's first white lasers

Researchers at Arizona State University claim to have created the first lasers that can shine light over the full spectrum of visible colours. The device's inventors suggest the laser could find use in visual displays, lighting and a laser-based version of Wi-Fi.

EDS exhibitions for 2015 now sold out as visitor registration opens

All 210 exhibition stands at the 2015 EDS events have now been allocated and visitor registration has opened for the UK's largest exhibition and conference for the Design Engineering community. EDS combines the Engineering, Electronics and Embedded Design Shows, which return to the Jaguar Exhibition Halls, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, on 21-22 October.

ams acquires NXP's advanced CMOS sensor business

Austrian sensor and analogue specialist ams has announced that it has acquired the CMOS Sensor Business from NXP Semiconductors. The move expands ams' environmental sensor portfolio with advanced monolithic and integrated devices to measure variables such as relative humidity, pressure and temperature.

Flextronics changes name to Flex

Flextronics has announced that it has officially changed its name to Flex, with a promise to help the world live smarter in what it is dubbing the 'Age of Intelligence'.

BEEAs 2015 entry deadline extended

Due to an overwhelming demand to extend the submission date for the British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) entries, Friday 7th August has been chosen as the new deadline for entries.

Silicon based device is sensitive to photon spin, say scientists

A research team from the University of Pennsylvania has demonstrated a silicon based photonic device that is sensitive to the spin of the photons in a laser shined on one of its electrodes. According to the team, light that is polarised clockwise causes current to flow in one direction, while anticlockwise polarised light makes it flow in the other direction.

ROHM acquires Powervation for $70m

ROHM has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Powervation for approximately $70million. The combination of Powervation's Intelligent Digital Power platform with ROHM's analogue power technology and global market access will enable the company to address a range of market opportunities in digital high density systems and ICs such as processors, memory, FPGAs, and ASICs.

Researchers produce 'building blocks' for ultrathin electronics

Researchers at the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have combined a novel synthesis process with commercial electron-beam lithography techniques to produce arrays of semiconductor junctions in arbitrary patterns within a 1nm-thick semiconductor crystal. This compares to the 10nm-thick crystals currently used in leading edge chips.

ARM puts in strong Q2 performance as customer base broadens

ARM's second quarter results show the company grew revenue by 15% in Dollars over the same period in 2014, and by 22% when stated in Sterling. The figures also showed that processor royalty revenues grew by 31% year on year and that 54 licences were signed in Q2, which the company says is a record.

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