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Multimode power management unit

A multimode power management unit from Texas Instruments is designed for use in applications which are dependent on efficient power management over a range of system load conditions.

Optoelectronics specialist to exploit US patent

Data communications specialist VI Systems has acquired an exclusive license to US patent 8,472,496, which relates to integrating surface emitting lasers and light emitting diodes in any materials system by attaching a dielectric cavity layer, confined by multilayer dielectric distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs) on both sides of the gain medium.

Mosfets optimised for low on resistance

Vishay Intertechnology has added two devices to ita TrenchFET Gen III p-channel power mosfet range. According to the company, the SiS334DN is the first -40V p-channel Gen III device, while the SiSS27DN is the first -30V mosfet available in the PowerPAK 1212-8S package.

Destructive interference could enable new optical applications

Researchers at MIT say they have discovered a new way to trap light. Rather than use mirrors or photonic crystals, the MIT approach uses waves with the same wavelength, but exactly with opposite phases. While one particular frequency is trapped, light of all other wavelengths can pass freely.

EC to launch €5bn electronics systems initiative

The European Commission has announced an innovation investment package featuring five Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs). The €25billion investment, being made over the next seven years, includes a proposal for an Electronic Components and Systems JTI.

Researchers store data in five dimensions, claim ‘unlimited life’

Using nanostructured glass, scientists at the University of Southampton have demonstrated the recording and retrieval processes of what they call 'five dimensional digital data'. The storage approach is said to enable a disk to story 360Tbyte of data, with thermal stability up to 1000°C and a 'practically unlimited' lifetime.

DC/DC converters provide ‘rugged solution’

The unregulated PEM series of board mountable dc/dc converters from CUI has been designed to improve efficiency and thermal performance. The 1W/2W family is said to offer a rugged and reliable solution for converting and isolating dc rails within a range of applications, such as medical, industrial control, security and telecom systems.

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