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Research paves way for smaller, more efficient hard drives

A technique to study the interface between materials, developed at the National University of Singapore, sheds light on the new properties that arise when two materials are put together. This understanding could help in the development of improved superconductors, solar cells and hard drives.

Lattice has programmable pal for ASICs

Lattice Semiconductor has introduced an 'application friendly' FPGA, the ECP5, designed to sit next to an ASIC or ASSP in such applications as small cells, micro servers, broadband access and video cameras.

NFC support added to Wi-Fi Protected Setup certification

The Wi-Fi Alliance has updated one of its more popular product certification programmes to include Near Field Communication (NFC). Wi-Fi Protected Setup is now said to offer a simplified way to set up Wi-Fi connections, even on devices without a user interface. With the update, users can connect NFC certified devices by simply tapping them together, activating a security protected Wi-Fi connection.

Freescale broadens Kinetis MCU range to 900 products

Looking to offer increased performance and better power efficiency, Freescale has announced the second generation of its Kinetis K MCU range, in which the K1x, K2x and K6x families are expanded and the K0x range is added. The Kinetis MCU portfolio is said by Freescale to features more than 900 devices, of which 600 are Kinetis K series variants.

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