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CSR opens Bristol R&D facility

Looking to better support its product roadmap for both connectivity and audio chipsets, British technology pioneer CSR has opened a dedicated R&D facility in Bristol.

Lithium ion remains the technology of choice, says battery pioneer

For much of the last Century, battery technology didn't really need to progress. But the transistor radio changed all that; suddenly, people needed small batteries with a reasonable operating life at reasonable cost. That need was met at first by dry cells. But as electronic products became more complex and power hungry, it became obvious something better was required and lithium technology met the requirements; at least in part.

Graphene Flagship adds 66 partners and doubles in size

Following the analysis of more than 200 proposals in response to a €9million competitive call, the Graphene Flagship – one of the largest European research initiatives – has added 66 new partners from 19 countries. The partnership now includes more than 140 organisations from 23 countries.

Graphene centre to be set up at Surrey

The University of Surrey is to establish a graphene centre within its Advanced Technology Institute (ATI). The move will allow ATI to further its research into the uses and manufacture of graphene across such applications as high frequency electronics, flexible and transparent electronics, smart coatings and interconnect technology.

Roll to roll process for thin film transistors

Finland's VTT Technical Research Centre has developed a way to make thin film transistors using a roll to roll printing technique. According to the company, this is set to expand the range of electronic components and products, while cutting their production costs.

Coupled microlasers could act as logic elements

Following computer simulations, researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have created a system of two coupled lasers which behave in a counterintuitive fashion: additional energy can switch it off, whilst a reduction of energy may switch it on. In this way, says the team, logical circuits might be built using light.

TI looks to make adding Wi-Fi a simple process

Texas Instruments has launched the SimpleLink CC3100 and CC3200 platforms, aimed at Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The SimpleLink Wi-Fi family is said to be the first in a series of SimpleLink wireless connectivity solutions for the IoT.

AMD restructures, names Lisa Su as COO

In the latest step in its corporate restructuring, AMD is to create two business groups. The Computing and Graphics Business Group will combine the client, consumer graphics and professional graphics businesses. Meanwhile, the Enterprise, Embedded and Semi-Custom Business Group will combine server, embedded, dense server and semi custom businesses. Both groups will retain engineering and sales functions.

Researchers develop error correction code for quantum computers

Spanish and Austrian physicists have experimentally encoded one qubit in entangled states distributed over several particles and, for the first time, carried out simple computations on it. They say the seven qubit quantum register they have developed could be used for error correction in quantum computers.

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