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1V rail to rail op amp announced

National Semiconductor has introduced a high bandwidth 1V rail to rail input and output cmos op amp suited for use in handheld devices, portable medical equipment and low power instrumentation.

Making the case for LXI

Provision for remote access and a web gui that simplifies setup, debugging and troubleshooting are just some of the features to recommend LXI.

Sounds good to me

Using a software development kit from Cambridge Consultants, US company Sound ID has eliminated the need for a separate microprocessor in its in ear headset. Instead, it exploits the ‘free’ processor that comes as part of CSR’s BlueCore chip to control the overall hearing system.

West Bridge to ease interface problems

In a parallel to the development of North and South bridges in the pc world, Cypress has unveiled the West Bridge in a move aimed at helping embedded systems builders to keep pace with rapidly evolving interface standards.

Skills cloud on horizon

One key conclusion from the electronica 2006 ceo round table was the semiconductor industry is becoming less cyclical and this sign of maturity will result in more steady growth. But skills shortages loom.

Sapphire solution

Silicon on sapphire, an advanced form of silicon on insulator process technology, has recently been legitimised, according to Peregrine Semiconductor.

Record set

Electronica 2006 set new records according to the show organiser, with 78,000 people visiting the show during its four days.

TI debuts SiGe process

Texas Instruments’ Freising facility has developed a new bipolar SiGe process technology that underpins its latest analogue product offerings.

Supercomputer contract

DARPA has awarded IBM a four year contract worth $244million to develop a machine that provides 100 times the performance of today's general purpose supercomputers.

IAR launches RTOS

In a move said to complete the company’s product offering, IAR Systems has launched PowerPac, a fully featured rtos that combines a 2kbyte footprint with an affordable licensing model.

Investing for success

A clear case for R&D expenditure is again made in the 16th annual edition of the DTI’s R&D scoreboard. Introducing the report, Lord Sainsbury said that the Scoreboard ‘illustrates the greatly increased sales for firms that maintained R&D investment through the difficult times in the early part of this decade’.

Nanotube obstacles overcome

US nanotechnology group Nantero says it has overcome the main obstacles to the use of carbon nanotubes in cmos fabrication processes. It has secured patents on a fabric coating and purification process for the nanotubes which, it says, allows them to be positioned accurately and reliably on 200mm wafers and avoids the introduction of contaminants.

Attractive equipment

The world’s most powerful pulsed, nondestructive magnet so far has been opened for use by researchers worldwide after 10 years of research at the US Los Alamos National Laboratory. The 100Tesla Multishot Magnet is commissioned for use at 85T.

Coherent research work

Physicists at University of California, San Diego and UC Santa Barbara have observed the spontaneous production of coherence within ‘excitons’ – bound pairs of electrons and holes that the research teams says could enable novel functionality in nanoscale semiconductors.

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