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DFM data partners named

IBM, Samsung and Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing have announced the first raft of EDA partners with whom they are sharing process data for their common manufacturing platform.

All optical access network

Georgia Institute of Technology professor Gee-Kung Chang has outlined a hybrid optical-wireless access network with performance 100 times faster than those in use today.

Asic departure makes waves

Asic departure makes waves Following LSI Logic’s withdrawal from the structured asic market, Synplicity says it too will withdraw from the sector, focusing instead on ‘strategic growth opportunities in fpga implementation and asic verification’.

Click here to accelerate

In a move to improve the performance of its Nios processor when applied in embedded systems, Altera has developed a C to hardware compiler.

Micros get USB2.0

Philips’ LPC2800 series is said to be the most advanced ARM based Hi-Speed USB microcontrollers available. The ARM7 based MCUs feature USB 2.0 capabilities and an integral Hi-Speed 480Mbit/s PHY.

On a roll

National Semiconductor head Brian Halla sees ‘limitless opportunities’. Graham Pitcher reports.

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