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Bubble recoil to cool microchips

Bubbles that form on a heated surface have been shown to create a tiny recoil which could be used to cool high power microelectronics in space and other applications, according to researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), under funding from NASA.

Analog’s acquisition of Linear set to close

Having received regulatory approval from the China’s Ministry of Commerce, Analog Devices expects to complete its acquisition of Linear Technology on 10 March 2017. The approval of the Chinese ministry was said to be the last step in the acquisition process.

Deep-ultraviolet LED to replace mercury-based solutions

With wavelengths of between 200 and 280nm, deep-UV mercury-based lamps are known for killing harmful organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, mould and dust mites, by penetrating their membranes and attacking their DNA. The mercury-based lamps, however, pose a threat to the environment, and are bulky and inefficient.

Imec claims alternative to MOSFET for low voltage chips

Nanoelectronics research centre imec is presenting a paper at the CS International Conference in which it describes a tunnel FET (TFET) made only using InGaAs. According to imec, the device has a sub threshold swing of less than 60mV/decade at room temperature, making it a promising candidate for use in ultra low-power applications operating from ultra low supply voltages.

Smiths to drop brand names, use Smiths Interconnect

Following a strategic reorganisation intended to make it more agile, Smiths Interconnect is to rename its various technology brands as Smiths Interconnect. The existing brands – EMC Technology, Hypertac, IDI, Lorch, Millitech, RF Labs, Sabritec, TECOM and TRAK – will continue to be used alongside the Smiths Interconnect name during the transition period.

Pi Zero W adds Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0

Five years since the Raspberry Pi burst on to the scene, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched Raspberry Pi Zero W. The wireless LAN enabled version of the Raspberry Pi Zero will cost just $10.

DSTL uses HALO systems to test video processing algorithms

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) has taken delivery of two HALO Rapid Prototype Development Systems from RFEL. The systems will be used to evaluate video processing algorithms from RFEL and third parties and to support interactive demonstrations to military users.

Boosting battery performance by adding ‘something new’

Researchers are increasing their efforts to improve the performance of batteries, particularly those intended for use in consumer electronics devices, with a number of teams reporting ‘significant’ developments. Now, scientists from the US Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) say the addition of a ‘pinch of something new’ to a battery’s electrolyte can enable more energy to be stored.

Infineon is VW’s first strategic semiconductor partner

Volkswagen has named Infineon as its first partner in a strategic programme designed to ensure that its future requirements for electronic systems can be met. As part of the programme, VW intends to cooperate directly with chip manufacturers to develop technology solutions for future vehicles and says a key aspect will be the precise definition of requirements.

Solid state battery breakthrough claimed

Engineers at the University of Texas at Austin – led by 94 year-old Professor John Goodenough, pictured, co-inventor of the lithium-ion battery – have developed solid state battery cells which they say could lead to safer, faster-charging, longer-lasting rechargeable batteries.

Nanoscale sandwich for molecular sensing

A research team from Rice University has modelled a nanoscale sandwich in which two slices of graphene surround nanoclusters of magnesium oxide. According to the team, the sandwich should result in a ‘super strong conductive material’ with expanded optoelectronic properties.

IBM to drive collaborative IoT research

IBM has officially opened the $200million global headquarters for its Watson Internet of Things (IoT) business. Based in Munich, the facility brings together development teams from IBM, Avnet, BNP Paribas, Capgemini and Tech Mahindra. IBM also revealed the facility will act as an innovation space for European IoT standards organisation EEBus.

FPGA based prototyping speeded

Cadence has launched Protium S1, an FPGA based prototyping platform said to incorporates innovative implementation algorithms to boost engineering productivity.

SoC uses Imagination GPU to boost graphics performance, save power

MediaTek is using Imagination’s PowerVR Series7XT Plus GPU in its Helio X30 processor. The SoC, manufactured at TSMC on a 10nm process, is said to be MediaTek’s most advanced smartphone chipset, with a 240% boost in graphics performance boost and power savings of up to 60%, compared to the previous generations.

Multicore RTOS upgraded

Embedded developer Hipperos has upgraded its real time operating system with new features, including hardware acceleration, fast multicore IPC and mixed criticality scheduling. The new features – said to make the RTOS suitable for use in such applications as drone navigation, medical imaging and ADAS – are included in version 17.02, which is available immediately.

Renesas closes Intersil acquisition

Renesas Electronics has completed its acquisition of Intersil; a move which it says brings together advanced technology and deep end-market expertise, while solidifying its position as a leading global supplier delivering advanced embedded systems to customers.

Towards 5G initiative shows results

Ericsson, Orange and PSA Group welcome Qualcomm as a new member to the ‘Towards 5G’ initiative and have taken a significant step towards the realisation of 5G technology for connected vehicles after conducting field trials to test advanced applications in France.

European semiconductor distribution market picks up

The European semiconductor industry had a strong final quarter of 2016, according to the distribution association DMASS. According to the organisation, the quarter ended with €1.79billion in sales, 5.8% higher than in Q4 2015. The full year ended with sales of €7.4bn, which represents an increase of 3.8% over 2015.

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