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Intel saves $9million by applying IoT technology at back end manufacturing site

Intel and Mitsubishi Electric are blending next generation factory automation systems with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in a pilot programme at Intel's backend manufacturing facility in Malaysia. The pilot is intended to demonstrate the benefits of IoT in a factory setting, with a focus on enhancing productivity and is said to have already saved the processor manufacture $9million.

IoT access point uses 6LoWPAN

IoT infrastructure specialist 1248 has announced an ARM powered IoT access point based on the 6LoWPAN wireless standard. Called HyperWeave, the device is said to provide 'IP to the edge' connectivity, linking low power IoT devices to corporate and cloud networks.

Intel invests $1.5bn for stake in Chinese semiconductor firms

Intel has signalled an increased focus on China with the signing of several agreements with state owned Tsinghua Unigroup. The deals, designed to broaden the adoption of Intel based mobile devices in China, will also see Intel investing about $1.5billion for a 20% stake in a new holding company which will own Spreadtrum Communications and RDA Microelectronics.

Platform to speed design bring up and time to market for SoCs

In a move designed to enable earlier software bring up and shorter time to market for SoCs, Synopsys has launched Verification Continuum, a software platform which provides virtual prototyping, static and formal verification, simulation, emulation, FPGA based prototyping and debug in a unified environment.

RS launches IoT design centre

RS Components has launched an Internet of Things (IoT) themed area via its online DesignSpark community, offering users software design tools and resources for rapid prototyping and product development.

Infineon to pay €260m in settlement with Qimonda’s administrator

Infineon Technologies has reached an out of court agreement with the administrator of Qimonda under which all disputes between the two – with the exception of a pending lawsuit – are settled. The agreement calls for Infineon to pay €135million to the administrator as well as acquiring all Qimonda patents for a further €125m.

Polymer coating boosts carbon nanotube transistor performance

The reliability and performance of transistors and circuits based on single walled carbon nanotubes can be improved by coating them with a fluoropolymer. According to researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and Northwestern University, although circuits made with single walled carbon nanotubes are expected to be more energy efficient than those made from silicon, their drawbacks, such as high power dissipation and less stability, currently limit their application.

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