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Demand for ARM technology increases as Q4 revenue grows by 19%

ARM saw a 19% increase in revenue for Q4 2014 compared to the same quarter in 2013, according to its latest financial statement. Other positives highlighted by the company included an increase in processor licensing revenue of 30% and what it says is a record cash generation figure of £122million.

Smart trolley set to navigate supermarket aisles

Shopping trolleys fitted with low cost sensors and Bluetooth Smart technology could revolutionise the retail experience, says Cambridge Consultants, pinpointing the location of trolleys within stores to within 1m and alerting shoppers to promotions as they browse the aisles.

FlexEnable, Merck reach 'important stage' in development of plastic LCDs

Organic electronic materials specialist Merck and flexible electronics company FlexEnable claim they have reached an important stage in the development of plastic LCDs. Between them, the companies have created a demonstrator in what is said to be a 'very short timeframe' and which is said to show a route to low cost solutions for volume manufacturing.

New smart city programme looks to unlock the benefits derived from the IoT

HyperCatCity, a smart city initiative backed by technology companies, private organisations and public institutions, was launched last month. The initiative looks to exploit the HyperCat standard, unveiled last year to ensure that various IoT services and systems can work together more effectively. Supported by more than 250 organisations and multiple standards boards, HyperCat is intended to reduce the costs of systems integration and make the process of procurement simpler.

ARM buys IoT security specialist

In a move said to underline the importance of security in IoT, ARM has acquired Offspark, a Dutch company which specialises in IoT communications security. According to ARM, the company's PolarSSL technology is already deployed in a range of devices, including sensor modules, communication modules and smartphones.

European demand for semiconductors is 'unusually strong'

The European semiconductor distribution industry displayed unusual strength in the last quarter of 2014, ending the year with a healthy growth rate, according to DMASS, the Distributors' and Manufacturers' Association of Semiconductor Specialists. In its latest report, the industry group reported Q4 sales grew by 10.3% to €1.57billion, with sales for the full year reaching €6.34bn, an increase of 7.7% on 2013.

Display module has high vibration resistance

Avnet Embedded is introducing a 7in WVGA TFT-LCD module for industrial applications such as construction, agricultural vehicles and factory automation. The module, manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric, will be available in sample quantities at the end of February.

ST finishes roll out of STM32 software development platform

Designers looking to work with STMicroelectronics' STM32 microcontrollers can now do so using the company's STMCube software development platform. According to the company, it has now completed roll out of the package to all members of the STM32 MCU family currently in production.

SMBus upgraded to version 3.0

The System Management Interface Forum (SMIF) has upgraded the System Management Bus (SMBus) specification to version 3.0. The upgrade is said to incorporate a number of revisions to ease implementation of the protocol, broaden its performance and harmonise the specification with the I2C and Power Management Bus (PMBus) specifications.

Texas researchers create silicene transistor

Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have created the first transistors made of silicene. The research is said to hold the promise of building dramatically faster, smaller and more efficient computer chips.

ARM unveils Cortex-A72 core, claims performance and power boosts

ARM has announced the ARM Cortex-A72 processor, said by the company to be the highest performing CPU technology currently available for developing mobile SoCs. The Cortex-A72 is anticipated to deliver a level of CPU performance that is 50 times greater than was available from the leading smartphones of five years ago.

All in a whirl over potential of skyrmions in magnetic memories

Skrymions – small magnetic whirls – may revolutionise future data storage and information processing if they can be moved rapidly and reliably in small structures, according to a European research team comprising scientists from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and TU Berlin, together with colleagues from the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Spansion launches MCUs to address emerging HMI applications

Looking to address emerging human machine interface applications, Spansion has added two ARM Cortex-M4 based MCUs to its product line. The FM4 S6E2DH features an integrated graphics display controller, while the S6E2CCxxF/MB9BF568F series comes with self contained voice command control.

UK company launches dual band GSM/GPRS modem for M2M and IoT applications

A dual band GSM/GPRS terminal from UK designer and manufacturer Siretta is said to set a new price point for such devices of less than £40. The cellular modem is intended to allow the deployment of wireless communications in M2M and IoT applications without the need for specialist wireless design skills, long design in cycles or complex wireless certifications.

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