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Oxis claims 300Whr/kg for Li-S

Battery specialist Oxis Energy says it has achieved an energy density of 300Whr/kg for lithium sulphur cells and adds that it has increased cell capacity to 25Ahr, which it describes as 'a world first'.

Current generated by rotating magnetisation

An international research team, including the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the University of Cambridge, has demonstrated that it is possible to generate an electric current in a magnetic material by rotating its magnetisation.

Imagination beefs up GPU performance in latest cores

Imagination Technologies has announced the PowerVR Series7, the latest generation of its Rogue GPU architecture. There are two versions: the 7XE range, aimed at cost sensitive applications; and the 7XT range, tuned for power/performance. Each has optional feature packs for optimisation.

Broadcom looks to become IoT leader

With the addition of more than 40 new partners and channel distributors, Broadcom says it is positioning itself as the 'go to' vendor for developers and OEMs in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

Discovery holds promise for optical computers

Researchers in the UK have found a way to manipulate glass to create a material that allows computers to transfer information using light – a development which could significantly increase computer processing speeds.

Globalfoundries signs design services deal

Invecas, a newly formed design services provider, has signed a deal under which it will provide exclusive support for Globalfoundries' customers. The partnership is intended to support companies of various sizes operating in a range of markets who are looking to differentiate their products through customised silicon.

Tektronix targets low cost spectrum analysis market with USB 3.0 device

Test and measurement specialist Tektronix has introduced what it calls a new class of affordable spectrum analysers based on a USB architecture. The RSA306 range, which is claimed to set a new price/performance threshold for spectrum analyzers, covers frequencies ranging from 9kHz to 6.2GHz and boasts a real time bandwidth of 40MHz.

MegaChips buys SiTime for $200m in cash

MEMS timing pioneer SiTime is being bought by Japanese fabless semiconductor company MegaChips for $200million in a cash deal expected to close in November 2014. According to SiTime, the deal will see two complementary fabless semiconductor companies uniting to provide solutions for the wearables, mobile and Internet of Things markets.

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