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Infineon licenses Panasonic's GaN power switch technology

Panasonic has licensed its normally-off GaN transistor structure to Infineon, which will supply the power switches in its SMD packages. The agreement will enable each company to manufacture GaN devices, with customers having two sources for compatible packaged GaN power products. Both will showcase samples of a 600V 70m? device in a dual small outline package at the forthcoming Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition.

MEMS sensors feature integrated DSP

Bosch Sensortec has launched MEMS sensors with an integrated DSP. The devices, designed for use in Android based phones – are said to provide a low power solution to motion sensing and data processing.

Akustica adds two analogue MEMS microphones

MEMS microphone specialist Akustica has added two robust analogue devices to its portfolio. The AKU151 is a top port device boasting a high SNR and high acoustic performance density (SNR/mm3). Meanwhile, the AKU350 has a bottom port configuration and an SNR of 67dB. According to the company, both devices take advantage of its MEMS, ASIC and package expertise.

Signal analysis bandwidth boosted to 2GHz

Communications test specialist Rohde & Schwarz has expanded the analysis bandwidth of the FSW signal and spectrum analyzer to 2GHz with the FSW-B2000 hardware option. This enables users to demodulate extremely wideband signals and to analyse them in detail.

Flexible patches could act as mobile input devices

Computer scientists from Saarbrücken University, in collaboration with researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in the US, have developed touch sensitive flexible silicone stickers featuring electrically conducting sensors. The stickers, which can be worn on the skin, can act as controllers for mobile devices.

Black phosphorus could be a 'one stop solution' for optical communication

Continuing the recent trend to create and explore ultra thin molecular layers, researchers from the University of Minnesota have created a 20 atom thick film of black phosphorus and demonstrated it can support high speed data communication. The devices were said to have shown a 'vast improvement in efficiency' over comparable parts made from graphene.

Photonics project aims to make communications ICs five times more efficient

In a move to provide more communications bandwidth, Ireland based Tyndall National Institute will lead a consortium of European researchers in an EU funded project to develop intelligent circuits which can make photonic devices up to five times more efficient. The result, says the institute, will be faster data transmission at a lower cost.

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