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New for 2018 at EDS

New for this year's Engineering and Design Show (EDS) is the EDS TV channel, an exciting new way for everyone to get the maximum benefit from attending the UK’s leading electronics, embedded and engineering design event.

Vulnerability of promising 2D semiconductor exposed

The structural changes of 2D molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) under long-term environmental impact have been examined by a team of scientists from NUST MISIS, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the University of Namur (Belgium), and Korea Research Institute for Standards & Science.

UIC becomes first to functionalise boron nitride with other nanosystems

A route to alter boron nitride, a layered 2D material, that enables it to bind to other materials, like those found in electronics, such as biosensors and airplanes, has been developed by researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). According to the team, being able to better-incorporate boron nitride into these components could help dramatically improve their performance.

Self-powered heart monitor taped to the skin

An ultra-flexible organic sensor powered by sunlight, which acts as a self-powered heart monitor, has been developed by a team of scientists from RIKEN, a research institute in Japan, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo.

Lattice expands ultra-low power sensAI stack

Lattice Semiconductor has unveiled expanded features for the sensAI stack which have been designed to speed time-to-market for developers of flexible machine learning inferencing in consumer and industrial IoT applications.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES extends FinFET offering

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is to introduce a full set of new technology features to its 14/12nm FinFET offering. The features are designed to deliver better scalability and performance for applications in high-growth markets such as hyperscale datacentres and autonomous vehicles.

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