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Take one chip and and wait for the results

The realisation that silicon dissolves slowly in water could lead to a new class of medical sensor, Professor John Rogers claimed in a keynote at this year's Design Automation Conference, which took place recently in San Francisco.

Cellulose based circuits can be 3D printed

A group of researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden has managed to print and dry 3D objects made entirely by cellulose. The team also added carbon nanotubes to create electrically conductive material.

Wind River opens VxWorks apps store

Wind River has introduced an app store for its VxWorks real time operating system (RTOS). Called the Wind River Marketplace, the store is said to help customers to find and evaluate add on solutions from the Wind River partner ecosystem.

London's Weightless-N network goes live

The Weightless SIG, in conjunction with the Digital Catapult, has announced the deployment of a Weightless-N Smart City network for London. Operating in the licence-exempt, sub-GHz ISM spectrum using ultra narrow band technology, Weightless-N is said to have a range of several kilometres, even in urban environments.

Skyrmions created at room temperature

Researchers at UCLA and the US Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory say they have developed a method that enables magnetic skyrmion bubbles to be created at room temperature using simple equipment and common materials.

OLED display panels to enhance consumer experience

Samsung has unveiled its Mirror and Transparent OLED display panels at a retail exhibition in Hong Kong. When Samsung's OLED display is integrated with Intel's Real Sense technology, a 'virtual fitting room' can be created and used to help consumers see themselves wearing clothing or jewellery.

Synopsys targets automotive applications with latest IP

Synopsys is set to accelerate automotive SoC development with the launch of a broad new portfolio of silicon-proven IP. Its DesignWare IP portfolio for automotive applications includes: Ethernet AVB, LPDDR4, MIPI CSI-2 and DSI, HDMI, PCI Express, USB, Mobile Storage, Logic Libraries, Embedded Memories, NVM, Data Converters, ARC EM processors, EV vision processors and the Sensor and Control IP Subsystem.

EC projects get €67million for electric vehicle development

Three research projects announced by the European Commission are looking to make electromobility cheaper, more efficient and more reliable. The projects, which will run until 2018, have received €67million in funding. Infineon will lead the projects, which bring together 120 researchers from 15 countries.

Distribution performance 'reassuring' says ecsn, but sales drop from March 2015

Figures released by the AFDEC group within the Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn) show showed that total monthly billings increased by 2% compared to April 2014. The increase was accompanied by an increase in the book to bill ratio, with the semiconductor and electro-mechanical market sectors leading the way. However, while year on year billings increased, they were said to be 14% down on March 2015.

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