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IBM investing $3bn in future semiconductor tech

IBM is to invest $3billion over the next five years in two research and early stage development programmes designed to push the limits of chip technology. The first, aimed at 7nm and beyond silicon technology, will address the physical challenges facing semiconductor scaling. The second will look at developing technologies for the post silicon era.

LG creates rollable TV panel

LG Display has developed an 18in flexible OLED that can be rolled into a tube of radius 3cm, as well as a transparent 18in OLED panel. The flexible OLED panel has a resolution of 1200 x 810 pixels and can be rolled without affecting the function of the display. In the future, the company believes it will be possible to make rollable TVs with screen sizes of more than 50in.

Strathclyde and Surrey to shape NPL’s future

The Universities of Strathclyde and Surrey have been named as preferred partners in a strategic partnership with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). The move is said to help to provide future leadership for the NPL.

Dynex wins bid to join commercial vehicle power electronics project

Dynex Semiconductor is to work within a consortium, led by Cummins UK, that will develop new stop-start engine capabilities. The £9.9million project is looking to improve commercial vehicle fuel efficiency and to reduce CO2 emissions. The Technology Strategy Board is supporting the project with a grant of £4.9m.

Human Brain Project responds to open letter

The Human Brain Project has responded to the open letter from criticising the project. It says 'The members of the HBP are saddened by the open letter posted on on 7 July 2014 as we feel that it divides, rather than unifies, our efforts to understand the brain. However, we recognise that the signatories have important concerns about the project. We invite the signatories to discuss their concerns in a direct scientific exchange with scientists leading the HBP and its subprojects'.

TSB's Catapult programme 'on the right track'

Business Secretary Vince Cable last month opened new facilities for the latest Catapult – Transport Systems – which has been getting up to speed over the last year and a half. The Transport Systems 'Imovation' Centre – a portmanteau title combining Intelligent Mobility and Innovation – provides modelling and testing facilities that allow new products to be properly developed, trialled and demonstrated.

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