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Solar panels could be broadband receivers, says research team

Solar panels can not only be used to power data communication systems, but may also be able to act as broadband receivers. The idea has been developed by Edinburgh University’s LiFi R&D centre and spin off pureLiFI, who also suggest that smart watches might be powered and connected to the internet using light.

Battery management company gets £1.2m investment

Edinburgh based battery management company Dukosi has received a £1.2million investment following a recent funding round. The cash will be used to accelerate the commercialisation of its technology, which is applicable in automotive and energy storage applications.

HD virtual display for smart glasses

A spin off from Finnish research centre VTT is commercialising a display that will allow information to be presented at high definition within the user’s field of vision. According to Dispelix, this will not only enable smartglasses to replace smartphones and tablets, but also allow users to see the world around them.

Industry’s first heterogeneous SiP devices integrates HBM2 DRAM with FPGAs

Altera has unveiled the industry’s first heterogeneous System-in-Package (SiP) devices that integrate stacked High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) from SK Hynix with Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs. Stratix 10 DRAM SiP represents a class of devices that is specifically architected to meet the most demanding memory bandwidth requirements in high-performance systems.

British scale-ups call for the spotlight

Sherry Coutu, chair of the Scale-Up Institute, announced the results of this year’s Scale-Up survey at the Innovate 2015 conference. She released data that illustrates over 90% of scale-ups in Britain want their details more readily shared across public and private sectors to attract essential support to continue their expansion.

ARM unveils platforms to accelerate mass deployment of IoT devices

ARM has released the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform, a suite of products to accelerate secure IoT technology deployments at scale by businesses. The platform includes mbed Device Connector, a free service that businesses can use to connect and securely manage IoT devices. It also includes the enhanced mbed OS and mbed Reference Designs. It is claimed that the products will shorten hardware design time, giving innovators greater ability to focus on product differentiation.

Edge to cloud IoT development solution launched

Mentor Graphics has unveiled what it believes to be the embedded industry’s first customisable edge to cloud IoT solution. Called the Mentor IoT solution, the package comprises a customisable IoT gateway system design kit (SysDK), a cloud backend and runtime solutions on which to build IoT edge devices.

Intel Capital set to invest $500million in 2015

Intel Capital, the chip giant’s investment arm, will have invested around $500million into a range of start ups by the end of 2015. In its latest round, it’s put more than $22m into 10 startups whose technology ranges from wireless charging solutions to new ways to model the human body.

Wireless power bodies announce AirFuel Alliance

Following the merger announcement earlier this year by the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA), the two organisations have rebranded under the AirFuel Alliance banner. The combined body has 195 members.

More efficient semiconductor characterisation

A research team led by Matthew Grayson, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science in Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering, has created a mathematical method claimed to make semiconductor characterisation more efficient, more precise, and simpler. By flipping the magnetic field and repeating one measurement, the method is said to quantify whether or not electrical conductivity is uniform across the entire material.

AMD tapes out products on GloFo’s 14LPP process

AMD says it has taped out multiple products using Globalfoundries’ 14nm low power plus (14LPP) process technology and is currently conducting validation work on 14LPP production samples. The 14LPP platform uses fully depleted FinFET transistors to deliver more processing power in a smaller footprint.

Continental’s eHorizon heralds the ‘Internet of Cars’

Continental is testing its dynamic electronic horizon (eHorizon) on the roads for the first time with demo vehicles. The eHorizon is Continental’s advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), which is designed to provide precise information about road characteristics such as gradients, curve radii, temporary speed limits and other traffic signs, lane changes due to construction work, and other important information.

Helping inventors bring their ideas to market

Product design and development company, IDC (Industrial Design Consultancy Ltd) has launched a service tailored to help inventors turn their bright ideas into a reality. The service works through all the aspects of developing and launching a new product and evaluates the opportunities and challenges of an inventor’s concept.

NPL opens quantum technology facility

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has opened a facility to help accelerate the development of new quantum technologies and help the UK secure a £1billion industry in this sector over the coming decades. The Quantum Metrology Institute is based at the NPL, the UK’s National Measurement Institute, in Teddington, and is part of the UK’s National Quantum Technologies Programme.

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