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Photonic-based medical device

Imec, the research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technology and Ghent University, together with Medtronic and other CARDIS project partners, have developed a prototype medical device based on silicon photonics.

Aldec unveils latest HES-DVM release

Aldec, a leader in mixed HDL language simulation and hardware-assisted verification for ASIC and FPGA designs, has unveiled the latest release of HES-DVM, the company’s fully automated and scalable hybrid verification environment for SoC and ASIC designs.

Technique identifies electricity-producing bacteria

Living in extreme conditions requires creative adaptations. For certain species of bacteria that exist in oxygen-deprived environments, this means finding a way to breathe that doesn't involve oxygen. These hardy microbes, which can be found deep within mines, at the bottom of lakes, and even in the human gut, have evolved a unique form of breathing that involves excreting and pumping out electrons. In other words, these microbes can actually produce electricity.

Cartilage could be key to safe 'structural batteries'

Your knees and your smartphone battery have some surprisingly similar needs, a University of Michigan professor has discovered, and that new insight has led to a "structural battery" prototype that incorporates a cartilage-like material to make the batteries highly durable and easy to shape.

Next-generation automotive cockpits

Green Hills Software and Qualcomm Technologies have announced their efforts to support global automakers and Tier-1 suppliers with purpose-built, scalable solutions, designed to support a safe, secure consolidation of Android and Linux-based infotainment processing with critical ASIL-certified vehicle services into a single multicore-based electronic control unit (ECU).

LORCA unveils 11 cyber innovators

The London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA) has announced the 11 scaling cyber companies that will form its second cohort. Selected by industry leaders, these businesses are said to represent the most promising solutions to the two biggest cybersecurity challenges identified at LORCA last year.

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