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4D Systems collaborates with MikroElektronika

4D Systems has partnered with MikroElektronika, a producer and retailer of hardware and software tools for developing embedded systems, to introduce the 4D-display click, an adapter board with a mikroBUS interface that connects to any of 4D Systems’ gen4 series of intelligent display modules.

Microscopy technique for 3D visualisation of interfacial charge distributions

Charges and their transport are integral to the function of electronic devices, batteries, and biological systems. The charges that accumulate at the interface between a solid electrode and an electrolytic solution containing ions that carry charges, can affect the electrode-electrolyte interaction as well as processes such as corrosion and molecular adhesion.

Arm collaboration with Xilinx

Arm has announced at the Xilinx Developer Forum in San Jose, that it is collaborating with Xilinx, to bring the benefits of Arm Cortex-M processors to FPGAs through the Arm DesignStart programme, providing scalability and a standardised processor architecture across the Xilinx portfolio.

Cadence achieves EDA Certification for TSMC 5nm and 7nm+ FinFET process technologies

Cadence Design Systems has announced its continued collaboration with TSMC to certify its design solutions for TSMC 5nm and 7nm+ FinFET process technologies for mobile and high-performance computing (HPC) designs. As part of the collaboration, the Cadence digital, signoff and custom/analogue tools have achieved the latest Design Rule Manual (DRM) and SPICE certification for the TSMC 5nm and 7nm+ processes. Furthermore, the corresponding process design kits (PDKs) are now available for download.

CommScope opens PoE lab

In its new R&D lab in Greensboro, North Carolina, CommScope will trial next-generation Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications to verify the performance and safety of the structured cabling systems that support them, especially regarding thermal performance in different real-world installation conditions.

Space-borne quantum source to secure communication

It is thought that soon, powerful quantum computers will be able to easily crack conventional mathematically encrypted codes. Entangled photons generated by a space-borne quantum source could enable hack-proof key exchange for ultra high security applications. A Fraunhofer research team has developed a quantum source robust enough for deployment in space, with the aim of launching the first European quantum satellite in some four years’ time.

Plans to increase adoption of ethics in AI unveiled by Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult has released its first Ethics Framework and is inviting artificial intelligence (AI) companies to test the framework as a means to integrate ethical practice into the development of AI and machine learning technologies. This is part of Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage Ethics Committee: an independent body dedicated to realising responsible AI development in the UK.

Improving photonic applications with machine learning

Nanostructures can increase the sensitivity of optical sensors enormously - provided that the geometry meets certain conditions and matches the wavelength of the incident light. This is because the electromagnetic field of light can be greatly amplified or reduced by the local nanostructure. The HZB Young Investigator Group "Nano-SIPPE" headed by Prof. Christiane Becker is working to develop these kinds of nanostructures.

SecureMark benchmark for the TLS Protocol

EEMBC, an industry consortium that develops benchmarks for embedded hardware and software, has announced that its SecureMark-TLS benchmark is now available for licensing. Part of the SecureMark benchmarking suite for measuring the efficiency of cryptographic processing solutions, SecureMark-TLS focuses on the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol for internet of things (IoT) edge nodes.

Electronics healthy but trade wars loom

Production of electronic equipment is healthy, reports Semiconductor Intelligence. According to the analyst company, China, the largest electronics producer, showed three-month-average change versus a year ago (3/12) of 13.8% in August.

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