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Automotive IT security research project set up

As more electronics find their way into cars, the more important it is to protect them against cyber attacks. As a result 15 partners from industry and academia are to work together over the next three years on new approaches to IT security in self-driving cars.

Imec develops new fast eye tracking technology

Imec, the research and innovation hub, based in Leuven, Belgium has demonstrated a new wireless eye-tracking technology based on electro-oculography (EOG), an ophthalmology technique used to examine eyes and record eye movement.

Electrocomponents acquires IESA

Electrocomponents has acquired IESA, a provider of value-added services to industrial customers, for a cash consideration of £88million in a plan to build out its value-added service proposition.

Ocado’s robot swarm

Andover factory contains 400 robots controlled by “world’s densest” mobile communications network based on 4G technology.

Ultra-scaled EUV-enabled surrounding gate transistor SRAM cell

Imec and Unisantis, a developer of Surrounding Gate Transistor (SGT) semiconductor technology, have revealed significant progress in the development of a process flow targeting an SGT 6T-SRAM cell with areas between 0.0184 and 0.0205 square micrometer, meeting or exceeding the dense cell area in a N5 technology node.

VR testing ground for drones

A virtual reality (VR) training system for drones that enables a vehicle to “see” a rich, virtual environment while flying in an empty physical space has been developed by MIT.

Micron and Intel extend leadership in 3D NAND flash memory

Micron Technology and Intel have announced production and shipment of the industry’s first 4bits/cell 3D NAND technology. Leveraging a proven 64-layer structure, the new 4bits/cell NAND technology achieves 1 terabit (Tb) density per die, the world's highest-density flash memory.

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