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One step closer to quantum computing

A team of Australian engineers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), in Sydney, has taken the first step towards making quantum computers a reality by building a quantum logic gate in silicon for the first time.

Scientists discover new approach to creating secure computer memory

A research team, including scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), has developed a straightforward method to create magnetic skyrmions under ambient room conditions. The achievement brings skyrmions a step closer for use in data storage and could be the basis for a new type of computer memory that never loses the data it stores.

Sony splits devices business into three, looks to improve agility

Sony has announced plans to split its devices business into three new companies, addressing semiconductors, batteries and storage solutions. The three units will all report to Sony’s executive deputy president and corporate executive officer Tomoyuki Suzuki. The move is intended to improve accountability and to allow the new companies to react more quickly to market developments.

Nanoscale photodetector is the first step to making photonic circuits competitive

Researchers at the University of Rochester, New York have succeeded in shrinking photonic devices below the diffraction limit of visible light - around 200 to 300nm - a necessary step on the road to making photonic circuits competitive with today's technology. The scientists developed a nanoscale photodetector that uses molybdenum disulphide to detect optical plasmons and demonstrated that light can drive a current using a silver nanowire.

Making street lights smart

Continental is expanding its automotive expertise to smart street lighting. After oil lamps, gas lamps, and electric street lights, LED street lights are the next step towards a lower energy, connected lighting system. Continental says that, in addition to energy savings of around one third, LEDs require less maintenance reducing costs further.

Industry’s first integrated ICs for motorcycle ABS systems

Freescale has introduced the SB0400 and SB0401, said to be the industry’s first ICs specifically engineered for ABS systems on motorcycles and scooters. By incorporating these 7 x 7mm devices into their designs, Freescale says that manufacturers of ECUs no longer need to rely on larger ABS ICs developed for automobiles.

Japan to test autonomous taxi service

Japan has announced that it is to start testing an autonomous taxi service on its public roads in 2016, as the country looks to show off its technology in time for the Olympic Games being held in Tokyo in 2020.

Dialog launches Bluetooth support for Apple HomeKit smart home accessories

Dialog Semiconductor has released a Bluetooth Smart development kit, which supports Apple HomeKit, to accelerate development of smart home accessories. In a recent report on the connected home, BI Intelligence predicted that the smart home market will grow at an annual rate of 67% between now and 2019, resulting in 1.8 billion accessories being shipped in that year.

IBM says nanotube contact solution will enable 1.8nm devices

A major breakthrough claimed by IBM Research could see carbon nanotubes replacing silicon transistors more quickly than previously expected. According to the scientists, they have shown a new way to shrink transistor contacts without reducing performance of carbon nanotube devices, potentially enabling faster, smaller and more powerful devices.

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