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Graphene oxide nanosheets could help to commercialise Li-metal batteries

Lithium-metal batteries can hold up to 10 times more charge than lithium-ion batteries but haven’t been commercialised because of a fatal flaw: as they charge and discharge, lithium is deposited unevenly on the electrodes. According to researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago, this means battery life is too short to make them viable, adding the batteries could also short-circuit and catch fire.

ePaper display density breakthrough

Plastic Logic, a design and manufacturer of glass-free electrophoretic displays (EPDs), has reportedly achieved a breakthrough 155% improvement in the display density of its plastic EPDs and has produced a sample display with a pixel density of 500ppi.

Quadrupole topological insulators could store data

Following a recent theoretical prediction that quadrupole topological insulators could exist, researchers at the University of Illinois have created what they call a ‘human scale’ demonstration of how the phase of matter might behave and suggest that, one day, it might be suitable for data storage applications.

GF takes 90nm silicon photonics to 300mm wafers

As silicon photonics is being seen as a potential way of supporting the higher data rates needed by future datacentres, Globalfoundries (GF) says it has qualified the first 90nm manufacturing process using 300mm wafers. The foundry has also revealed plans to move to 45nm in order to deliver higher bandwidth and better energy efficiency.

Spring Statement allocates funding to full-fibre broadband projects

Last year's Autumn Budget 2017 saw the launch of a £190million Challenge Fund to help roll out full-fibre to local areas with the aim of providing more reliable broadband to more homes and businesses. Today's Spring Statement has allocated the first wave of funding, providing over £95 million for 13 areas across the UK.

White House blocks Broadcom bid for Qualcomm

US President, Donald Trump, has announced that the US is blocking the Singaporean chip maker Broadcom's bid for the chip manufacturer Qualcomm, citing national security concerns. The move ends what would have been the largest ever tech deal.

Molex investment targets high speed optical interconnect

A strategic investment and collaboration between Molex Optical Solutions Group (OSG) and Elenion Technologies will jointly develop, manufacture and promote silicon photonic-based product solutions. Targeting CMOS technology and high-volume manufacturing processes, the companies intend to develop interconnect solutions that scale to 400Gbit/s and beyond.

Short term Euro research future clarified, but questions remain

One of the worries expressed by UK researchers since the decision to leave the European Union was whether they would still be able to participate in programmes such as Horizon 2020. These worries were underpinned by examples of European researchers leaving their positions and UK research teams being sidelined from existing projects.

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