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Kontron's 2nd generation of Intel Core processor boards feature the 1st generation of cross-platform middleware 07/01/2011

The 2nd generation Intel Core processor family brings huge improvements in processing power, graphics performance and power consumption. Further enhancements to power and a smaller footprint, make it the design-in replacement in 2011 for nearly all ...
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The real solution to fake parts 21/10/2009

The high tech supply chain is more vulnerable to counterfeit components than ever before. With increasingly sophisticated criminal, the only way to protect the supply chain is through tool, technology, and new thinking about industrial ...

High performance Spartan II 8bit microcontroller solution 10/03/2009

This paper from Xilinx shows how to use the Spartan II Family in combination with an 8bit microcontroller soft ip to effectively penetrate industrial instruments and consumer applications.

Applications for hall effect ic switches in portable applications 17/02/2009

White paper from ROHM Semiconductor. In portable consumer electronic products, Hall effect sensors provide an effective alternative to mechanical switches with increased reliability as well as cost and/or performance advantages over other non ...

Major trends in embedded software 17/02/2009

Express Logic whitepaper on major trends in embedded software