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MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition 31/08/2010

Communications networks are very different from other kinds of computing applications. Networks require both very high reliability and very high performance. Not only must they process large volumes of data at high speed, but they must do so while ...

Extensive High-End Remote Manageability Capabilities Included 17/05/2010

Kontron Embedded Motherboards support Intel Active Management Technology. Read more in this white paper.

High speed board layout challenges in fpga/sdi subsystems 20/11/2009

This white paper from National Semiconductor outlines the layout challenges facing hardware engineers when working in fpga/sdi subsystems and provides recommendations for dealing with these challenges.

Express Logic and Ball Aerospace team up to provide embedded real time software for NASA's 'Deep Impact' space mission. 17/02/2009

On January 12, 2005, NASA, working with the engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the University of Maryland, launched Deep Impact’s two piece space probe with the intention of hitting Tempel 1—a comet 80 million miles away. To ...