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An Integrated SIGINT Digital Receiver/Processor System Solution 06/10/2009

This paper describes a notional Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) solution that can be integrated utilising a high performance digital receiver and a high performance Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine. System Integrators can reduce their risk and ...

Unifying Microarchitecture for Embedded Media Processing 27/03/2009

This Analog Devices paper provides an overview of the architectural and functional features that make Blackfin an ideal embedded media processor.

The Rise of Embedded Media Processing 27/03/2009

Analog Devices asks what will be the growth drivers and enabling technologies that will move the industry forward?

Factorised power architecture and VI Bricks 17/02/2009

As electronic systems continue to trend toward lower voltages with higher currents and as the speed of contemporary loads – such as state of the art processors and memory – continues to increase, the power systems designer is challenged to provide ...