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Oryx board - ultra low power reference design for mobile applications 04/11/2011

The ORYX Board is an ultra low power reference design Sharp Microelectronics has developed in cooperation with Arrow Electronics.

High speed digital board design with Altium Designer 03/11/2011

Istvan Nagy, electronics design engineer at Blue Chip Technology, a leading UK manufacturer of industrial computer and single board computer platforms, has written an in depth tutorial on how to use Altium Designer for high speed digital board ...

Designs, ideas and solutions for today’s engineers 06/09/2010

Developers of small, fan-less systems are confronted with a growing list of questions. In order to address these issues, embedded systems developers often turn to computer-on-module (COM) solutions.

ATOM processor technology white paper 12/08/2009

Orchid Technologies Engineering & Consulting (OTEC), a developer of custom electronics product solutions, describes the ATOM processor technology core design, and how it can combine custom electronic hardware with an ATOM processor core. The result ...

Tips for designing the circuits of DC-DC converters 27/03/2009

This paper from Torex Semiconductor explains how to design DC-DC converter circuits that satisfy the required specifications under a variety of constraints.

MicroBlaze system performance 10/03/2009

This White Paper examines ways to add custom hardware to a processor to achieve hardware acceleration without sacrificing performance of the processor or the bus to which it is attached

Saving costs with the Xilinx SRL16E 10/03/2009

This white paper provides examples to help your understanding of the capabilities and use of the SRL16E to improve the performance and lower the cost of your designs by as much as an order of magnitude.

Factorised power architecture and VI Bricks 17/02/2009

As electronic systems continue to trend toward lower voltages with higher currents and as the speed of contemporary loads – such as state of the art processors and memory – continues to increase, the power systems designer is challenged to provide ...

Eclipse-based embedded IDE combines best of proprietary and do it yourself worlds 17/02/2009

Software development tools for embedded systems have evolved in an interesting direction. In this paper, the evolution of embedded development tools offerings is tracked, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. You can then see ...

Express Logic and Ball Aerospace team up to provide embedded real time software for NASA's 'Deep Impact' space mission. 17/02/2009

On January 12, 2005, NASA, working with the engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the University of Maryland, launched Deep Impact’s two piece space probe with the intention of hitting Tempel 1—a comet 80 million miles away. To ...

RTOS selection and its impact on ehnhancing time to market and on time design outcomes 17/02/2009

Express Logic white paper on how time-to-market and on-time design considerations can cost or make you money - and why you should consider these factors in choosing or replacing your operating system.

Introducing nanoETXexpress, based on ETXexpress / COM Express 16/02/2009

Embedded computer technology company and the inventor of the ETX Computer On Module (COM) form factor, Kontron, has announced full support for the newly released nanoETXexpress module size 'nano' - based on the ETXexpress / COM Express interface ...

microETXexpress - compact SFF embedded solution 16/02/2009

Kontron, embedded computer technology specialist and the inventor of the ETX Computer-on-Module (COM) form factor, fully supports the compact microETXexpress module size, which is based on the Type 2 pin-out of the COM Express standard (by PICMG).