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Batteries worldwide celebrate the arrival of the world's most energy friendly microcontrollers 17/05/2010

The explosion in use of battery operated electronics is followed by the need for the battery to last longer for convenience, environmental and cost reasons. At the same time, applications become more and more complex and demand higher performance of ...

Network Technology for Embedded Computing 17/05/2010

Networks are gaining importance in all disciplines of embedded computing: At the high-end, multi-processor systems need high-speed networks for interconnectivity and feeding in data. The scope of this paper are major trends in Ethernet network ...

Middleware Tools Speed Time to Market for COMs-Based Embedded Design 17/05/2010

K-station Simplifies Software Development from Module to Module. Read more in this white paper from Kontron.

Extensive High-End Remote Manageability Capabilities Included 17/05/2010

Kontron Embedded Motherboards support Intel Active Management Technology. Read more in this white paper.

High speed board layout challenges in fpga/sdi subsystems 20/11/2009

This white paper from National Semiconductor outlines the layout challenges facing hardware engineers when working in fpga/sdi subsystems and provides recommendations for dealing with these challenges.

Long term storage of electronic components 18/11/2009

Long term storage, particularly of last time buy components, has been proposed as one solution to the problem of component obsolescence. The Alter Technology Group is in a unique position to report on this concept and advise the best way to manage ...

How to identify and avoid counterfeit components 18/11/2009

This white paper from Alter Technology Group will consider what are counterfeit components, why are components counterfeited and how to identify and avoid counterfeit components.

Counterfdeit components and acoustic microscopy 18/11/2009

This white paper from Alter Technology Group considers how the encapsulants used by semiconductor manufacturers may be identified and changes or variations detected - and will look in detail at encapsulants, and the potential hazards to system ...

Tin whiskers and copper/tin intermetallics 18/11/2009

This white paper from Alter Technology Group reviews the physical phenomena which may occur with components with tin (Sn) plated copper terminations.

Software configuration management for embedded systems developers 21/10/2009

Embedded systems developers face complex versions of the problems that confront most software developers. Choosing a robust SCM system can help by enabling the management of large and complex file sets, supporting distributed development, and ...

The real solution to fake parts 21/10/2009

The high tech supply chain is more vulnerable to counterfeit components than ever before. With increasingly sophisticated criminal, the only way to protect the supply chain is through tool, technology, and new thinking about industrial ...

An Integrated SIGINT Digital Receiver/Processor System Solution 06/10/2009

This paper describes a notional Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) solution that can be integrated utilising a high performance digital receiver and a high performance Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine. System Integrators can reduce their risk and ...

The CHAMP-AV6: Maximising Performance with Minimal Porting Effort 06/10/2009

This paper presents information from a benchmark prepared by Gedae Inc. which compares the relative performance of the CHAMP-AV4 Freescale Power Architecture MPC7447A Digital Signal Processor and CHAMP-AV6 Freescale MPC8641D Digital Signal Processor ...

Risk Management for Counterfeit Materials: The Role of the COTS Board Manufacturer 30/09/2009

The proliferation of counterfeit parts and materials in the electronics industry is becoming increasingly widespread. This situation is forcing the COTS board manufacturers to develop strategies to maintain the integrity and reliability of its ...

Rugged COTS SBCs Leverage Intel® Power Management Features to Deploy Complete Systems 30/09/2009

Intel supports the Aerospace & Defense market with processors and power management features specifically targeted to meet the stringent demands of system integrators designing solutions for harsh environments. Curtiss-Wright Controls leverages ...

Pilatus PC-21- the ideal trainer aircraft for the 21st century 30/09/2009

Imagine a new type of trainer aircraft for the twenty-first century. One that adapts to a student's requirements, transforming its' console to match that of the type of aircraft the training calls for. Read how Pilatus Aircraft Ltd., with ...

Changing the embedded development model with Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 24/08/2009

While there is a broad range of embedded applications in need of complete and highly granular control of all operational aspects of a device, there is also a world of embedded applications out there that can easily do without. This white paper from ...

ATOM processor technology white paper 12/08/2009

Orchid Technologies Engineering & Consulting (OTEC), a developer of custom electronics product solutions, describes the ATOM processor technology core design, and how it can combine custom electronic hardware with an ATOM processor core. The result ...

Using the Keil Microcontroller Prototyping System to develop an ARM Cortex-M class processor based system 27/05/2009

The increasing use of the ARM Cortex-M class processors in microcontrollers and embedded applications, together with the diversity of the processors within the family, requires a simple system to aid evaluation and prototyping.

All software life cycle phases in one tool - Blue River 19/05/2009

Software development is becoming increasingly important in all areas of engineering. The procedures in virtually every technical product are meanwhile controlled by software and the scope of this control is growing constantly. Where the scope of ...

Comparison between XPe and WES 2009 23/04/2009

MPC Data White Paper on the Comparison of Windows XP Embedded and Windows Embedded Standard 2009.

Unifying Microarchitecture for Embedded Media Processing 27/03/2009

This Analog Devices paper provides an overview of the architectural and functional features that make Blackfin an ideal embedded media processor.

The Rise of Embedded Media Processing 27/03/2009

Analog Devices asks what will be the growth drivers and enabling technologies that will move the industry forward?

Tips for designing the circuits of DC-DC converters 27/03/2009

This paper from Torex Semiconductor explains how to design DC-DC converter circuits that satisfy the required specifications under a variety of constraints.

Optimised Networking with Multicore 27/03/2009

This paper from Wind River illustrates how the networking industry will be revolutionised through the efficient integration of operating systems, network stacks, and multicore silicon.

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