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Digital imaging technologies bring better performance to ... 12/11/2013

Intelligent vision systems are relatively new; they provide a link between the harder domain of modern technology and the softer world we live in.

Digital technology helps guitarists achieve pure analogue ... 29/06/2011

Producing a pure, organic and natural sound from an electric guitar has long been considered the Holy Grail for musicians. Traditionally, guitarists ...

Clear force sensing material set to see touch screen ... 24/05/2011

Touch screens have proved to be a phenomenal success with smartphones and tablets, such as the iPad, changing the way that users interact with ...

Data converters set to help meet comms systems challenges 26/04/2011

As the number of mobile phone subscribers continues to climb, pressure is growing on the communications infrastructure to support the amount of data ...

Keeping control: Why Lithium ion batteries for automotive ... 22/02/2011

With the increasing price of oil and the growing pressure on countries to reduce their carbon emissions, the electric vehicle – or a hybrid such as ...

Could optogenetics be the technology that allows us to ... 10/01/2011

Attempts to create machine intelligence that could match or exceed our own – so called strong AI – have been going on for decades, almost since the ...

CMOS' future depends on statistics 09/08/2010

As semiconductor dimensions decrease, the distribution of dopant atoms becomes a statistical problem.

A tale of two cities - UK Electronics England 26/07/2010

Cambridge and Bristol are driving the global communications industry.

The heart of the matter 13/04/2010

Technology development is an important part of the Mayo Clinic's health care provision.

Putting pieces together 08/03/2010

Moore's Law is still driving the fpga market, but compromises are needed.

Hive mentality: Microrobots 08/03/2010

By imitating insects, microrobots could open new avenues of research and application.

Size is everything 23/11/2009

The world's first 300mm analogue fab should be a bonus for system designers.

Is there life after asics? 10/11/2009

The continuing rise of the fpga looks set to mark the end of the asic. Or does it?

Plasmonics set to create ripples 10/11/2009

Will surface plasmons provide the breakthrough that enables the next generation of computers?

Outlook 2010: The key to energy reduction 28/10/2009

Emerging 32bit MCU solutions will drive higher efficiency applications through intrinsic ultra low power operation

Making a noise 10/08/2009

A breakthrough amplifier design features extremely low noise levels.

Is the tide turning? 10/08/2009

Cutting CO2 emissions means more reliance on renewable energy – including tidal generation – and a change in consumer habits. Both bring ...

Whatever happened to structured asics? 22/06/2009

A few years ago, industry pundits were predicting that structured asics would supersede the standard variety of asic, so what happened? Did the ...

Taking the platform 20/03/2009

FPGA design has become complex enough to demand a platform based approach.

OFDM PLC for smart metering 25/02/2009

Seeking to establish the key factors to consider when selecting a suitable PLC technology for smart metering applications, to objectively evaluate ...

David and Goliath 27/01/2009

Why microvias are ‘going large’ on fpga packages.

FPGAs are the system 09/05/2008

Xilinx’ Virtex-5 FXT variant to enable system level design. By Graham Pitcher

Mighty multicore 19/10/2007

ARM’s latest multicore processor targets high performance. By Graham Pitcher.

A switch in focus 24/09/2007

How molecular computing may solve the electronics industry’s scaling problems. By Graham Pitcher.

It’s a gas! 24/09/2007

Microtechnology is at the heart of a hydrogen powered fuel cell for mobile phones. By Graham Pitcher.
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