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Software development: Cost vs. value 11/02/2014

Depending upon who you talk to and the scale of the design, software development can represent around 60% of the cost of of an embedded system ...

How to protect embedded software against attacks 11/02/2014

An embedded system can be attacked by injecting malware at some point. Once installed, this can collect confidential data, change a system's ...
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Starting out 14/12/2010

SAME offers a good showcase for start ups; particularly those offering eda tools. By Louise Joselyn.

Supply and demand 10/11/2009

Smaller, more efficient and cooler: the trends in system power.

Cover story: Hot Chips 10/11/2009

Counterfeit components are so widespread that there is every chance you will unknowingly already have some in your home gadgets.

Top 10 considerations when choosing memory 08/10/2009

Nexus GB, the exclusive UK distributor of Datakey Electronics' range of rugged portable memory products, has produced a checklist of issues that OEMs ...

Herding cats? 27/07/2009

Are our industry associations moving in the same direction or is it still each for itself?

Multicore processing for embedded systems 25/02/2009

Dual cores have been around for some time in several application spaces. In order to deliver the kind of performance predicted by Moore in the 1960s ...

OFDM PLC for smart metering 25/02/2009

Seeking to establish the key factors to consider when selecting a suitable PLC technology for smart metering applications, to objectively evaluate ...