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Converting expectations 09/08/2010

How a 1ppm d/a converter can ease precision instrumentation design problems. By Maurice Egan.

A tale of two cities - UK Electronics England 26/07/2010

Cambridge and Bristol are driving the global communications industry.

Sounds good: Microsystems research and development 07/06/2010

How MEMS technology is helping to improve audio quality in consumer goods.

Another dimension 13/04/2010

How programmable logic is adding another dimension to its abilities.

Plasmonics set to create ripples 10/11/2009

Will surface plasmons provide the breakthrough that enables the next generation of computers?

Creating flash memories with more bits per cell 14/04/2009

Moore's Law is the heartbeat of the semiconductor industry. Driven by its prediction that the number of transistors on a given area of silicon will ...

OFDM PLC for smart metering 25/02/2009

Seeking to establish the key factors to consider when selecting a suitable PLC technology for smart metering applications, to objectively evaluate ...

Cores and effect 04/05/2007

Moore’s Law is being given new life by massively parallel multicore processors. By Graham Pitcher.