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Software development: Cost vs. value11/02/2014

Depending upon who you talk to and the scale of the design, software development can represent around 60% of the cost of of an embedded system project. With costs rising and budgets stretched, some companies may choose to look at less expensive tools. How can the industry help developers to measure ...


How to protect embedded ...11/02/2014

An embedded system can be attacked by injecting malware at some point. Once installed, ...
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Measuring energy consumption ...11/02/2014

Ultra low power embedded systems challenge engineers working on system integration, as ...

Embedded World 2013 preview 12/02/2013

At the end of February, the embedded community will collect once more in Nuremberg for the Embedded World exhibition and conference.

NE's embedded software survey shows engineers are getting smarter 22/01/2013

As the power of microcontrollers grows and the number of features being designed into products increases, the software development challenge grows even more quickly.

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