Software Design Tools

Software now dominates the design process; according to some estimates, software development can now consume up to 70% of a project’s resources.

Traditionally, software development started when the hardware arrived, but not any more: complex SoCs and similar devices require equally complex software and that is taking longer to develop than the hardware. So software designers are using virtual prototypes to get their projects started in time to meet the deadlines.

But there are also operating systems, which manage this growing complexity. The choices are numerous and have an impact at the system level as well as the deeply embedded. And C is no longer the only programming language.

Whether you’re developing software for a simple microcontroller based system or are part of a team targeting an SoC, New Electronics addresses the issues regularly by looking at the latest tools and techniques available to embedded software developers.


Developer kit based on NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor

NVIDIA has launched a development platform which it believes will open the door to the creation of applications that employ computer vision, image processing ...

PCB design package is Mentor’s ‘most significant product in years’

Looking to address a range of PCB design challenges, including growing complexity, Mentor Graphics has announced the first phase of a new systems design ...

Dev boards support ARM mbed and Arduino ecosystems

STMicroelectronics' new range of STM32 Nucleo extension boards offers support for ARM mbed and Arduino ecosystems, enabling designers to accelerate software ...

Motherboard features Fourth Generation processors

The KTQM87/mITX from Kontron is described as a vibration and shock proof motherboard with a soldered fourth generation Intel Core processor. Designed for ...

Baseband ic is first to comply with HD PLC Inside

ROHM has developed a baseband ic compliant with HD PLC Inside, a newly developed embedded broadband high speed power line communication technology designed for ...


Simplifying real world interfacing using a Linux based development board

Embedded microcontroller development boards are a popular, low cost way of getting to know a microcontroller architecture. Meanwhile, 8bit boards, such as ...

Issues and solutions for variation aware custom IC design

In today's highly competitive semiconductor industry, profitability hinges largely on advantageous design performance, high yield and rapid time to market. As ...

The best route to avoiding counterfeit electronics

It's been discussed and analysed for years, yet there does not seem to be an end in sight for the trade in counterfeit electronics.

Will AMD's Fusion architecture meet the needs of ETX and XTX based designs?

The discontinuation last year by Intel of the Pentium M and Celeron M processors and the 855/852 chipsets raised doubts about the future of the ETX and XTX ...

Easing design headaches with programmable supplies

Power supplies with digital control are gaining in popularity. However the term 'digital control' has two quite different meanings.


Wire to board connectors offer reliable connection at low cost

CamdenBoss has launched two new series of wire to board connectors designed to provide solid and reliable connections at low cost.

Starter kit for STM32F407ZG microcontroller

IAR Systems has announced a new 32bit kit for STMicroelectronics' first ARM Cortex-M4 based microcontroller series, STM32 F4.

Hermetically sealed, mil spec connectors

Interconnect component specialist, NYK Component Solutions has signed an exclusive UK and Europe wide distribution agreement with US based hermetically sealed ...

Dual output gate driver evaluation board

SemiSouth Laboratories has announced the SGDR2500P2, a dual output gate driver evaluation board.

Advanced LIN physical layer devices

Freescale Semiconductor has announced an advanced family of local interconnect network (LIN) physical layer components.


Herbert Truppe, director, austriamicrosystems

Herbert Truppe, director, Product Management & Application, austriamicrosystems, talks to New Electronics about how he believes improved pcb design capability ...

Patrick Zammit, president, Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA

Patrick Zammit, president, Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, talks with Chris Shaw.

Keate Despain, senior director of product line marketing, Radisys

Keate Despain, senior director of product line marketing, Radisys, talks with Chris Shaw

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Support for embedded Linux

AMD has signed a multi-year agreement with Mentor Graphics to expand availability of open-source embedded Linux ...

MCUs for motor control

In a move which expands its portfolio of ARM based microcontrollers, Freescale has unveiled the first three ...

'Significant' layout launch

Looking to address a range of PCB design challenges, including growing complexity, Mentor Graphics has announced ...