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Component count reduced 29/06/2009

Wolfson Microelectronics has removed approximately 18 external components from its latest range of ground referenced devices.  Read More

RFID modules 50% thinner 29/06/2009

Components manufacturer Murata has announced that it has reduced the thickness of its rfid modules by half.  Read More

New RTOS for Stellaris microcontrollers 25/06/2009

Embedded Linux RTOS specialist, RoweBots has launched Unison, Version 4 for ARM Cortex-M3 processors.  Read More

Phase change memory collaboration 24/06/2009

Samsung Electronics and Numonyx have combined forces to develop market specifications for a next generation memory technology designed to help enable manufacturers meet the increasing performance and power demands for platforms loaded with content and data.  Read More

XMOS launches 65nm event driven processor, cuts price to $5 24/06/2009

XMOS has launched the second generation of its event driven processor range. The XS1-L series, which is aimed at the mass electronics market, will be available in volume for less than $5, seen by ceo James Foster, pictured, as essential if the device is to gain market share in consumer electronics. The XS1-L family provides embedded software ...  Read More

Memory giants renew licence 22/06/2009

Memory chip manufacturer Samsung Electronics has announced it has renewed an agreement with Japanese electronics giant Toshiba.  Read More

Brighter future for semiconductor lasers 19/06/2009

High brightness semiconductor lasers are in development which could transform healthcare, telecoms and display applications.  Read More

Skills shortage crisis looms 18/06/2009

One of the highlights of this year's National Electronics Week was a panel meeting to debate the constraints on modern electronics design.  Read More
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Wind River launches hypervisor, boosts VxWorks portfolio 17/06/2009

Wind River has launched the Wind River Hypervisor, a Type-1 device whic supports virtualisation on single and multicore processor systems. According to the company, it provides integration with VxWorks and Wind River Linux, while supporting other operating systems. The Wind River Workbench development tools suite has also been extended to support ...  Read More

‘Industry first’ for open source development 15/06/2009

Event driven processor specialist XMOS has revealed what it calls the 'industry's first open source solution for Ethernet AVB networking'.  Read More

Reconfigurable logic technology to solve assp dilemma? 08/06/2009

In a move to help designers future proof their chips, UK based Akya has launched ART2, a dynamically reconfigurable logic technology which allows efficient use of silicon.  Read More

EEMBC launches MIPS busting benchmark 08/06/2009

The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) has launched CoreMark 1.0, its first openly available benchmark. Traditionally, EEMBC has focused on specific embedded market segments to approximate the real world performance of embedded processors. But it claims CoreMark provides a starting point for measuring a processor's core ...  Read More

Small form factor fpga package is auto qualified 08/06/2009

Lattice has added a 132bga packaging option for its LatticeXP2 fpga range. Qualified for automotive use, the package will be targeted at space constrained applications such as camera modules, parking assistance systems and multimedia.  Read More

Flexible components possess characteristics of memristors 05/06/2009

Engineers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have revealed a way to build a flexible memory component from existing materials.  Read More

Intel buys Wind River for $884million 04/06/2009

Intel has signed an agreement to purchase Wind River Systems for approximately $884million.  Read More

MEMS based technology increases storage capacity 02/06/2009

In a bid to increase memory storage density for hard disc drives used in laptops and pcs, Freescale has introduced its first digital output pressure sensor.  Read More

Free starter kit for delegates 01/06/2009

A free starter kit worth €800 is to be given away to delegates attending an embedded Linux workshop.  Read More

Cypress subsidiary claims ‘industry first’ 01/06/2009

Cypress' subsidiary, AgigA Tech has introduced what it describes as the 'industry's first' high speed, high density, non volatile RAM system.  Read More

Could higher frequency range mean safer roads? 01/06/2009

Infineon Technologies is coordinating a project to significantly increase driving safety by making reliable radar systems available in all vehicle classes.  Read More

Raised status for ECA member 29/05/2009

Congatec has been elevated from Affiliate to Associate status in the Intel Embedded and Communications Alliance (ECA).  Read More

Chips with everything 28/05/2009

Superconducting chips are to become a reality according to the latest findings published by researchers in Dresden.  Read More

Ecodesign forum now online 27/05/2009

Envirowise has launched an online forum where designers can debate ecodesign issues, meet new contacts and ask experts for tips and advice.  Read More

Intel processor promises ‘dramatic increase’ in performance 27/05/2009

Intel has announced plans to launch a new Xeon processor it claims will deliver a number of new technical advancements and boost computing performance.  Read More

USB implementation simplified 26/05/2009

In a move aimed at simplifying isolated USB port implementation in medical and industrial equipment, Analog Devices has launched the ADuM4160, said to be the first such device to be made available.  Read More

Under one roof 21/05/2009

National Electronics Week, which takes place at London's Earls Court 2 from 16 to 18 June, is described as the only UK exhibition that encompasses the entire electronics manufacturing process: from design and components through to production and distribution.  Read More

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