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SiLabs launches ultra low power ARM Cortex-M0+ mcus 10/10/2013

Based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, Silicon Labs' new EFM32 Zero Gecko family of 32bit mcus is optimised to achieve the lowest system energy consumption for connected devices enabling the Internet of Things (IoT).  Read More

Lattice launches MachXO3 fpga range 26/09/2013

Lattice has launched the MachXO3 fpga family, said to be a small, low cost programmable platform aimed at expanding system capabilities and bridging emerging connectivity interfaces.  Read More

ARM brings reversible debugging to DS-5 25/09/2013

Looking to help software developers reduce the amount of time spent fixing bugs, ARM has integrated a reversible debugger into its flagship DS-5 development suite.  Read More

TI unveils inductance to digital converter technology 16/09/2013

Texas Instruments has unveiled the LDC 1000, a data converter that uses coils and springs as inductive sensors, and claims the device brings higher resolution, increased reliability and greater flexibility than existing sensing solutions.  Read More

SoC integrates full analogue signal chain, plus mcu 16/09/2013

Microcontroller specialist Microchip has launched an analogue SoC that is said to integrate a full analogue signal chain, including a precision 16bit sigma/delta a/d converter, a 10Msample/s 12bit a/d converter, plus a 10bit d/a converter and dual op amps.  Read More

ARM launches mcu accreditation for embedded engineers 16/09/2013

A new accreditation has been launched by ARM that enables embedded software engineers to officially qualify in its mcu technology.  Read More

AMD boosts embedded prescence with new ARM and x86 chips 10/09/2013

As part of its strategy to move away from the dwindling pc market, AMD has introduced a new generation of processor designs for embedded systems – including its first ARM based product.  Read More

Long term operation from low capacity batteries 10/09/2013

Lapis Semiconductor, part of the ROHM group, has launched ultra low power 8bit microcontrollers designed for use in devices that require long term operation from coin or dry cell batteries.  Read More

Altera, Micron demonstrate HMC interoperability 04/09/2013

Altera and Micron Technology have jointly demonstrated interoperability between Stratix V fpgas and Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) technology.  Read More

MEMS developer looks to oust quartz crystals from range of applications 03/09/2013

Sand 9 has launched MEMS based timing products designed specifically to meet the requirements of high volume mobile applications, such as 3G/4G mobile and GPS/GNSS, as well as low power wireless connectivity applications such as Bluetooth Smart.  Read More

Renesas joins working group to speed multicore software development 28/08/2013

Renesas Electronics has become the latest member of the Multicore Association (MCA) - a global, non-profit organisation focused on developing standards that help speed time to market for products that involve multicore implementations.  Read More

Imagination, Mentor bring open source support to MIPS developers 28/08/2013

Imagination Technologies has extended its partnership with Mentor Graphics, supporting the use of the company's open source, embedded development tools for MIPS cpus.  Read More

AMD pushes performance of R-Series cpus 20/08/2013

AMD is expanding its Embedded R-Series to include a new range of dual and quad core cpus.  Read More

AMD adds low power apu to Embedded G-Series 14/08/2013

Looking to further reduce x86 power requirements for embedded designs, AMD has introduced a new dual core apu which it says offers high performance at approximately 3W average power.  Read More

Growing demand for more bits at lower cost is pushing flash manufacturers to build upwards 13/08/2013

Technology has always been the central element of the memory business, with process technology helping to meet demand for more bits per unit area for less.  Read More

Intel tests code compression 09/08/2013

According to Processor Watch, Intel Labs has demonstrated a compile time code compression technology in which a processor unpacks the compressed program at run time. The ultimate goal, says editor Tom Halfhill, is to cut silicon costs by reducing the amount of on chip memory.  Read More

Device enables easy and fast machine-to-Wi-Fi connectivity 08/08/2013

Targeted at designers of M2M and IoT solutions, the xPico Wi-Fi module from Lantronix is an embedded wireless device server designed for easy and fast machine-to-Wi-Fi connectivity.  Read More

Emerson to sell embedded computing business 06/08/2013

Emerson is selling a 51% stake in its Carlsbad, California based embedded computing and power business.  Read More

Making sure embedded processors are up to the mark 06/08/2013

The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) has developed a benchmark suite that tracks the performance of embedded processors with floating point hardware units (FPU).  Read More

Freescale addresses high noise applications with new Kinetis mcu family 01/08/2013

Looking to provide a 32bit alternative to those designing 8bit microcontrollers into white goods and industrial products, Freescale has launched the Kinetis E series. The mcus, based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ core, are 5V tolerant and offer high noise immunity.  Read More

Tough times for test industry, says NI 30/07/2013

Q2 has been described by National Instruments as a 'difficult' quarter, not only for the company but for the test and measurement industry as a whole.  Read More

Zynq based ecu drives LMP1 cars to the podium 25/07/2013

Bosch Motorsport has designed Xilinx' Zynq-7000 All Programmable devices into its latest engine control unit (ecu) processing core. The ecus have already featured in race winning LMP1 cars taking part in this year's FIA World Endurance Championship. The HEL based ecu handles the diesel engine management, including multipoint injection and pressure ...  Read More

MCU test chip shows performance boost and power saving options 23/07/2013

Transistor technology developer SuVolta has manufactured an ARM Cortex-M series processor featuring its Deeply Depleted Channel (DDC) technology. The device, fabricated on a 65nm bulk planar cmos process, is said to show 'significant' speed gains and an associated power reduction.  Read More

Bridge controllers provide configurable serial channels 18/07/2013

A family of USB-Serial bridge controllers from Cypress is claimed to be the first to provide dual configurable serial channels for uart/spi/i2c communication, along with CapSense capacitive touch sensing technology.  Read More

Avnet buys EU distributor, boosts embedded presence 08/07/2013

Looking to expand its presence in the embedded computing and display solutions markets, Avnet has revealed plans to acquire European distributor MSC Investoren.  Read More

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