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Four tools named as IDEs for Kinetis MCU development 11/04/2014

Freescale has named four tools as featured integrated development environments (IDEs) for its Kinetis range of ARM based microcontrollers. The tools are Atollic TrueSTUDIO, IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, Green Hills' MULTI and ARM's Keil range.  Read More

Sotware targets zero-tolerance defect environments 09/04/2014

The latest version of GrammaTech's flagship software tool for C/C++, Java and machine code is designed to meet the growing challenges of embedded software developers.  Read More

Freescale broadens Kinetis MCU range to 900 products 08/04/2014

Looking to offer increased performance and better power efficiency, Freescale has announced the second generation of its Kinetis K MCU range, in which the K1x, K2x and K6x families are expanded and the K0x range is added. The Kinetis MCU portfolio is said by Freescale to features more than 900 devices, of which 600 are Kinetis K series variants.  Read More

Freescale targets motor control with new Kinetis MCU series 03/04/2014

In a move which expands its portfolio of ARM based microcontrollers, Freescale has unveiled the first three families in the new Kinetis V series. The devices – the KV1x, KV3x and KV4x – are optimised for motor control and digital power conversion applications.  Read More

AMD partners with Mentor for improved embedded Linux support 02/04/2014

AMD has signed a multi-year agreement with Mentor Graphics to expand availability of open-source embedded Linux development for the company's heterogeneous and multi-core processors.  Read More

Developer kit based on NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor 26/03/2014

NVIDIA has launched a development platform which it believes will open the door to the creation of applications that employ computer vision, image processing and real time data processing.  Read More

PCB design package is Mentor’s ‘most significant product in years’ 17/03/2014

Looking to address a range of PCB design challenges, including growing complexity, Mentor Graphics has announced the first phase of a new systems design enterprise platform.  Read More

AMD brings 4K graphics to embedded systems 28/02/2014

AMD's diversification away from its traditional PC and server markets continued at Embedded World 2014 with the announcement of the Adelaar GPU.  Read More

Embedded World 2014: Altium unveils Designer 14.2 27/02/2014

Altium has released the latest version of its flagship design software tool at Embedded World.  Read More

Embedded World 2014: Wind River readies VxWorks for the IoT 27/02/2014

A new version of Wind River's VxWorks real time operating system (RTOS) has been launched to help companies make the most of the Internet of Things (IoT).  Read More

Embedded World 2014: Renesas MCUs run at up to 120MHz with 4Mbyte of flash 26/02/2014

Renesas' RX64M family of microcontrollers, unveiled today at Embedded World, is the first in the company's flagship RX series of 32bit MCUs to be fabricated in a 40nm process.  Read More

Embedded World 2014: Microchip has 8pin PIC for LED lighting 26/02/2014

Microchip has announced a new series of 8pin, 8bit MCUs at Embedded World in Nuremberg.  Read More

Embedded World 2014: Tool simplifies embedded design 26/02/2014

Silicon Labs has introduced a new version of its Simplicity Studio development ecosystem at Embedded World.  Read More

Embedded World 2014: NXP looks to streamline motor control 26/02/2014

Optimised for fast, easy, and high precision motor control, NXP's LPC1500 series enables simultaneous control of two motors.  Read More

Linux-based platform aims to speed M2M development 24/02/2014

An open source platform, designed to speed and simplify the development of M2M applications, has been launched by Sierra Wireless.  Read More

Dev boards support ARM mbed and Arduino ecosystems 19/02/2014

STMicroelectronics' new range of STM32 Nucleo extension boards offers support for ARM mbed and Arduino ecosystems, enabling designers to accelerate software and hardware development.  Read More

Partners demonstrate ‘trail blazing’ DSP based on FD-SOI process 13/02/2014

CEA-Leti and STMicroelectronics have described an ultra wide voltage range digital signal processor at ISSCC. The device is based on 28nm ultra thin body buried oxide FD-SOI technology.  Read More

Converter boasts accuracy and small footprint 06/02/2014

Analog Devices has launched the AD5683R D/A converter. The 16bit single channel nanoDAC+ converter is said to extend the company's nanoDAC portfolio by providing high performance in smaller packages.  Read More

Cadence buys Forte, looks to build HLS offering 06/02/2014

Looking to expand its presence in the high-level synthesis (HLS) market, Cadence has announced its intention to acquire Forte Design Systems, a provider of SystemC based HLS and arithmetic IP.  Read More

Altera, Wind River work together to develop tools to support SoC FPGAs 06/02/2014

Altera and Wind River have developed and deployed tools and solutions for Altera's SoC FPGAs. Following the collaboration, Wind River's operating systems and development tools now support Altera's multicore ARM processor based SoC platforms.  Read More

Safety certified rtos extended to Renesas MCUs 04/02/2014

Wittenstein High Integrity Systems has extended its SAFERTOS real time operating system to support Renesas' 32bit RX631 and RX63N microcontroller families. SAFERTOS, an IEC 61508 SIL-3 safety certified rtos, delivers high performance and dependability, while using minimal resources.  Read More

DesignSpark PCB v6.0 launched 21/01/2014

RS Components has announced the latest release of DesignSpark PCB.  Read More

ARM module offers touch control for HMI applications 20/01/2014

element14 has announced an embedded display module that integrates an ARM-based single board computer with a 7in lcd and touchscreen assembly.  Read More

Ultra low power a/d converter unveiled 10/01/2014

Researchers at the Public University of Navarra have developed what they describe as an ultra low consumption a/d converter. The 8bit charge redistribution successive approximation register (SAR) device is intended for use in wireless sensor nodes, where it can be powered by energy harvested from the environment.  Read More

ST joins mbed project 19/12/2013

STMicroelectronics has joined the ARM mbed project, a move that will provide free access to the mbed software, development tools and online collaboration platform.  Read More

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