Microcontrollers – whether 8, 16 or 32bit – are all around us: at home, at work, in our cars and in industrial systems. Reflecting this abundance, the market for microcontrollers is worth more than $16billion a year and growing strongly.

For a long while, microcontrollers – or mcus – were proprietary. But the advent of the ARM Cortex-M range of processor cores has changed that by providing a common platform on which mcu vendors can develop differentiated products. Nevertheless, proprietary designs continue to prosper.

While 8bit parts continue to dominate the market – by revenue and by unit shipments – the price performance advantage of ARM based 32bit devices, along with the need to accommodate more complex software, is starting a move from 8bit to 32bit mcus. And this is accompanied by the appearance of multicore devices.

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Freescale broadens Kinetis MCU range to 900 products

Looking to offer increased performance and better power efficiency, Freescale has announced the second generation of its Kinetis K MCU range, in which the K1x, ...

Freescale targets motor control with new Kinetis MCU series

In a move which expands its portfolio of ARM based microcontrollers, Freescale has unveiled the first three families in the new Kinetis V series. The devices – ...

Embedded World 2014: Renesas MCUs run at up to 120MHz with 4Mbyte of flash

Renesas' RX64M family of microcontrollers, unveiled today at Embedded World, is the first in the company's flagship RX series of 32bit MCUs to be fabricated in ...

Embedded World 2014: Microchip has 8pin PIC for LED lighting

Microchip has announced a new series of 8pin, 8bit MCUs at Embedded World in Nuremberg.

Embedded World 2014: NXP looks to streamline motor control

Optimised for fast, easy, and high precision motor control, NXP's LPC1500 series enables simultaneous control of two motors.


The days of 8bit microcontrollers are numbered as the Cortex-M0 and M0+ wagon gains momentum

When ARM launched the Cortex-M0 core in February 2009, it had a particular market sector in mind.

AMD Opteron Embedded processors deliver performance, scalability and efficiency

The launch of the AMD Opteron 6200 and 4200 Series Embedded Processors has delivered two 'firsts' for demanding multithreaded embedded applications: the first ...

Atmel SAM4 mcu family: it's about more than just the core

The progression towards more powerful microcontrollers (mcus) shows no sign of abating. Indeed, while the traditional 8bit market holds steady in size, sales ...

Offloading tasks from the microcontroller can improve power efficiency

The single biggest concern among microcontroller users used to be system cost, but energy consumption has steadily become a bigger issue.

GPUs set to enter the mainstream

Until recently, demand for more processor performance has been met by faster clocking, more bit width and ever smaller fabrication nodes. The introduction of ...


Microchip brings new family of 32bit mcus to market

Microchip's new PIC32MX family of 32bit mcus is said to combine high performance, integrated peripherals and memory, as well as low cost.

TI ups memory of low cost MSP430 mcus

Texas Instruments has expanded its MSP430 series of low cost microcontrollers to include two new devices.

MCUs offer advanced analogue integration and 5V operation

Adding to its range of 16bit PIC microcontrollers, Microchip has introduced the PIC24F 'KM' family.

32bit mcus offers scalable lineup for portable consumer and industrial devices

Renesas Electronics has expanded its RX200 series of low power mid range microcontrollers to include the RX220 group of entry level devices.

RF3688 802.11 b/g/a/n dual band FEM

RFMD's new RF3688 is a single chip dual band front end module (FEM) for high performance WiFi applications in the 2.5 and 5GHz ISM bands.


Aurelius Wosylus, regional sales manager for EMEA, Advanced Micro Devices

Chris Shaw discusses AMD's latest low power processors with Aurelius Wosylus.

Rick Clemmer executive director, president and chief executive officer, NXP

Rick Clemmer believes high performance mixed signal is just one of the sectors in which NXP can be a 'true leader'. Graham Pitcher finds out more.

Henri Richard, chief sales and marketing officer, Freescale

Freescale's chief sales and marketing officer tells Graham Pitcher that he's working for a 'new company'.

Patrick Zammit, president, Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA

Patrick Zammit, president, Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, talks with Chris Shaw.


Renesas to build ecosystem 28/05/2012

The news that Renesas is to outsource 40nm mcu manufacture to TSMC is not surprising; what is surprising is Renesas' decision to make its proprietary ...

ARM’s M0+ core 20/03/2012

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about the 'internet of things'; a handy phrase which many commentators are reaching for in their ...

ARM changes 8bit mcu life span 19/03/2012

Despite all the hullaballoo surrounding 32bit mcus, 8bit parts remain firm favourites for many applications and are selected for cost reasons.

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