While digital electronics tends to get more than its fair share of coverage, analogue electronics remains the technology that makes things happen. It’s the interface between the real world and the 1s and 0s of the digital domain.

The range of technologies falling into the analogue domain is wide; everything from data conversion to amplification to switches. Like electronics in general, analogue products are getting more complex as device developers look to integrate more functionality. Recognising this, manufacturers have started to develop more capable design tools to support engineers.

Because analogue design is so important, New Electronics covers all aspects of the technology regularly.


Converter boasts accuracy and small footprint

Analog Devices has launched the AD5683R D/A converter. The 16bit single channel nanoDAC+ converter is said to extend the company's nanoDAC portfolio by ...

Ultra low power a/d converter unveiled

Researchers at the Public University of Navarra have developed what they describe as an ultra low consumption a/d converter. The 8bit charge redistribution ...

TI unveils inductance to digital converter technology

Texas Instruments has unveiled the LDC 1000, a data converter that uses coils and springs as inductive sensors, and claims the device brings higher resolution, ...

SoC integrates full analogue signal chain, plus mcu

Microcontroller specialist Microchip has launched an analogue SoC that is said to integrate a full analogue signal chain, including a precision 16bit ...

imec, Renesas develop 28nm cmos rf receiver and a/d converter

Belgian research centre imec and Renesas Electronics have developed the first multistandard rf receiver in 28nm cmos technology, as well as a 28nm a/d ...


Voice controlled applications require more advanced microphones

Voice control of built environments, and of all devices used in and between them, is one of those concepts whose fate will be decided by whether people ...

An integrated current and voltage monitor is enabling power monitoring in a range of applications

As electronic designs grow in complexity, managing power consumption and optimising overall efficiency become increasingly important. Accurate power supply ...

Driving the workhorse: The best amplifier to use with SAR converters

Applications engineers are often asked which amplifier is the best driver for a specific analogue to digital (a/d) converter.

Mixed signal asics meet cost and performance targets

Custom analogue/mixed signal asics are economical at comparatively low volumes, with affordable non recoverable engineering (NRE) costs, meaning a custom chip ...

EV battery management essential for desired lifetime and charge cycles

For hybrid (HEV) and full electric vehicles (EVs), Li-Ion batteries offer the best trade off of power, energy density, efficiency and environmental impact. But ...


Integrated Octal and Quad a/d converters for medical imaging applications

Analog Devices has announced the addition of four high speed a/d data converters to its data converter product portfolio.

Advanced LIN physical layer devices

Freescale Semiconductor has announced an advanced family of local interconnect network (LIN) physical layer components.

GPIO/keypad controllers simplify interconnect circuits

Analog Devices has launched the ADP5585 and ADP5589 general purpose input/output port expander and keypad matrix controller for devices that require expanded ...

12bit pwm generator offers dynamic led control

Linear Technology has unveiled a new pulse width modulation (pwm) generator with 48 independent channels. According to the IC specialist, each channel has an ...

Ringdale USB - 4 x analogue and 16 x digital input controller

Ringdale UK provides a solution for process automation or laboratory applications that require up to 16 digital (TTL) and up to four analogue (12bit ...


Rick Clemmer executive director, president and chief executive officer, NXP

Rick Clemmer believes high performance mixed signal is just one of the sectors in which NXP can be a 'true leader'. Graham Pitcher finds out more.

Dave Bell, president, Intersil

Intersil's president updates Graham Pitcher on the company's progress in addressing itself to new markets.

Jack Sun, vp R&D, TSMC

Europe is becoming increasingly important to TSMC, according to Jack Sun the company's vp for R&D.

Sean Riley, corporate vice president, Lattice Semiconductor

Sean Riley, Lattice Semiconductor's corporate vice president and general manager of high density solutions, talks with New Electronics

Nitin Sharma, product marketing manager, high speed ADC group, Analog Devices

Nitin Sharma, Analog Devices' product marketing manager, high speed ADC group, speaks with New Electronics

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