Power electronics is a key element in the world of electronic design and engineering and electronic engineers need to have a thorough understanding of this area if they’re going to create successful products.

In this section, New Electronics keeps designers up to date with the latest developments in the power electronics market – everything from DC/DC converters to IGBTs to battery technology. In fact, New Electronics covers any power product that can go on a PCB.

Power efficient M.2 capture cards for OEM developers

The Eco Capture Dual HDMI M.2s are now being shipped - the first of three models unveiled earlier this summer in Magewell's Eco Capture family of video capture cards for OEM developers. A fourth configuration has been announced which the company claims provides quad-channel capture density in an ultra-compact form factor.

DC/DC converters for high power applications

High isolation DC/DC converters from Murata Power Solutions have been designed for use in high and low side gate-drive circuits for IGBTs and silicon and silicon carbide MOSFETs in bridge circuits for motor control and industrial power applications.

Fast 60V protected high side N-channel MOSFET driver

Analog Devices, which recently acquired Linear Technology, has launched the LTC7003, a high speed, high side N-channel MOSFET driver that operates up to a 60V supply voltage. Its internal charge pump fully enhances an external N-channel MOSFET switch, enabling it to remain on indefinitely.

Zero-drift op amp consumes 1.3µA

The LTC2063 zero-drift op amp from Analog Devices is said to draw 1.3µA typ (2µA max) on a 1.8V supply. According to the company, the micropower amplifier maintains uncompromised precision.

Power measurement software provides PC connectivity

The WTViewerE software from Yokogawa provides PC connectivity for the company’s power analysers – including the WT3000E, WT1800E, WT500 and WT300E models – via Ethernet, USB, GPIB or RS232 interfaces. This connectivity allows users to control, monitor, collect and analyse measurement data, and save measurements remotely.

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