Power electronics is a key element in the world of electronic design and engineering and electronic engineers need to have a thorough understanding of this area if they’re going to create successful products.

In this section, New Electronics keeps designers up to date with the latest developments in the power electronics market – everything from DC/DC converters to IGBTs to battery technology. In fact, New Electronics covers any power product that can go on a PCB.

MOSFETs for quasi resonant flyback topologies

The 700V CoolMOS P7 family has been developed by Infineon Technologies to serve the trend in quasi resonant flyback topologies. The MOSFETs are said to offer performance improvements compared to currently used superjunction technologies which could help improve soft switching topologies like smart phone and tablet chargers.

Multiphase 60V synchronous boost controller

The LTC3897 from Linear Technology is a multiphase synchronous boost DC/DC controller with input surge stopper and ideal diode controller. The boost controller drives two N-channel power MOSFET stages out-of-phase to reduce input and output capacitor requirements.

XP Power offers encapsulated 80W AC/DC modules

The ECE80 series of 80W single output AC/DC encapsulated power supply modules from XP is said to have low no load input power. The modules are suitable for customers requiring a solution in a compact format for either PCB, chassis, or DIN rail mounting.

Radiation hardened MOSFET family for aerospace applications

The Infineon Technologies company, IR HiRel, has launched its first radiation hardened MOSFETs based on the proprietary N-channel R9 technology platform. Compared to previous technologies it is said to offer size, weight and power improvements. The company claims this is significant in systems such as high-throughput satellites, where the cost-per-bit ratio can be reduced.

Vicor introduces three DC/DC converter modules

The DC/DC converter module (DCM) is a ruggedised modular DC/DC converter operating from an unregulated range input. According to Vigor, the device generates an isolated and regulated output with much higher power densities than competitive products, achieving ±0.5% output voltage regulation accuracy.

SAR A/D converter for rapid sampling

The LTC2320-16 from Linear Technology is a 16-bit 1.5Msample/s per channel, no latency successive approximation register (SAR) A/D converter with eight simultaneously sampling channels supporting a rail-to-rail input common mode range. According to the company, the LTC2320-16 samples three times faster and offers the lowest power dissipation of any octal SAR A/D converter on the market.

3200W power supply offers Delta or Wye three phase input

The TPS3000-24 industrial power supply from TDK delivers up to 3200W. It operates from a Delta or Wye 350 to 528V AC three phase input, avoiding the requirement for step down transformers and assisting phase load current balancing. The TPS3000 is suitable for use in applications such as test and measurement equipment, printers, lasers, RF power amplifiers and semiconductor fabrication.

µModule isolator delivers dual rail regulated power

The LTM2887, a 6-channel SPI/Digital or I²C µModule isolator with dual rail regulated power from Linear Technology targets low voltage components, including newer DSPs and MCUs. Two well-regulated adjustable supply rails of up to 5V deliver more than 100mA of load current over the isolation barrier, with up to 62% efficiency.

PMBus converter delivers high density

What is said to be the highest density, 18V input, 35A synchronous DC/DC buck converter has been launched by Texas Instruments (TI), which offers full differential remote voltage sensing and PMBus to support telemetry.

Artesyn launches 700W DC/DC converter module

Artesyn Embedded Technologies has launched the ADH700 series, a 700W half brick DC/DC converter module. The first model to be made available will offer a 28V nominal output and has been designed to support the popular use of LDMOS technology used in high power wireless base station deployments.

Digital PoL converter to power FPGAs and ASICs

The OKDL-T/60-W12 from Murata is a 60A, 95 % efficient addition to the OKD family of digitally controlled point of load (PoL) DC/DC converters. The power module is suited for FPGA and processor applications in networking, computing, and telecom systems.

Step down regulator delivers 93% efficiency

Linear Technology has announced the LT8630 – a 600mA synchronous step-down switching regulator. Its 3 to 100V input voltage range is claimed to make it suitable for 48V automotive systems, dual battery transportation, industrial and 36 to 72V telecom applications.

µModule regulator scalable to 180A

Linear Technology introduces the LTM4647, a 30A step-down µModule regulator. The LTM4647 includes the inductor, MOSFET, DC/DC controller and supporting components in a 9 x 15 x 5.01mm BGA package.

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