Power electronics is a key element in the world of electronic design and engineering and electronic engineers need to have a thorough understanding of this area if they’re going to create successful products.

In this section, New Electronics keeps designers up to date with the latest developments in the power electronics market – everything from DC/DC converters to IGBTs to battery technology. In fact, New Electronics covers any power product that can go on a PCB.

Improved reliability and efficiency in automotive applications

TT Electronics has launched the HA65A range of surface mount power inductors for high frequency and high temperature applications.The inductors are designed to meet the requirements of the automotive market’s growing need for certified, high power inductors specifically for buck, boost or buck-boost power converter topologies for optimum voltage regulation at fast switching frequencies.

Intelligent power modules enable efficient, reliable appliances

STMicroelectronics has released 600V, second generation intelligent SLIMM power modules that are claimed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of domestic and industrial appliances, such as motor drives in compressors, pumps and fans. Targeting drives working up to 20kHz in hard-switching circuits, ST’s modules are said to enable an increase in energy efficiency over application power outputs from 300W to 3kW.

Infineon’s S5 IGBT is efficient and robust

Infineon Technologies has released the S5 IGBT range, based on the ultra-thin wafer TRENCHSTOP 5 IGBT. This range has been developed specifically for AC/DC energy conversion in industrial applications switching up to 40kHz, typically to be found in Photovoltaic Inverters or Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

Power supplies for power hungry products

Luso Electronics has announces the availability of Qualstar’s N2Power branded efficient 76.2 x 127mm XL500 Series, available in 12, 24 and 48V output models. The compact devices are ideal for broadcast, storage and network products with applications in the industrial, gaming and instrumentation markets that require significant power.

Compact AC/DC power supplies

Farnell element14 has launched the RAC48/OF series from Recom, a range of compact AC/DC open frame power supplies with universal AC inputs - from 90 to 265Vac - and fully protected DC outputs that are trimmable to compensate for voltage drops on the output connections.

Low noise, low power, high speed 24-bit SAR ADC

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC2380-24, a no latency 24-bit 2Msps successive approximation register (SAR) analogue-to-digital converter (ADC). Operating from a 2.5V supply, the device is said to feature a ±Vref fully differential input range with Vref ranging from 2.5 to 5.1V. The LTC2380- 24 consumes 28mW and is claimed to achieve ±3.5ppm INL maximum and no missing codes at 24 bits.

Automotive LDO regulator suited to high temperature applications

Seiko Instruments has released the S-19200 Series automotive LDO regulator featuring an input voltage of 50V, high heat dissipation and a volume of 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.3mm. This IC is suitable for automotive ECUs and in applications including power supply for automotive interior electrical applications.

High efficiency AC/DC power supplies

High efficiency internal and external AC/DC power supplies from Gresham Power Electronics meet CEC Level VI Energy Efficiency Standards, which come into effect on 10 February 2016. OEMs intending to export their products to the US will be required to meet this standard.

Power supply certified for medical and ITE use

TDK has introduced the CUS350M series of AC/DC power supplies. Rated at 350W output power, the units have both medical and ITE certification to the IEC 60601-1 and IEC 60950-1 regulatory standards. Requiring no forced air for cooling, the CUS350M is suited for applications where audible noise cannot be tolerated, including hospital, dental, broadcast and professional audio equipment.

DC/DC buck converter has variable output

Rohm has announced a 12 to 76V input DC/DC buck converter with an integrated 76V MOSFET. According to the company, the part, which has an adjustable output, is optimised for high power applications in factory automation, communications infrastructure and industrial machinery.

‘Ultra efficient’ AC/DC power supplies

XP Power has launched the CHD250 AC/DC power supply series. Said to be ultra efficient, the 250W convection cooled single output units are targeted at applications that require medium power in an open frame, fan-less design.

MOSFETs able to balance supercapacitors in industrial applications

Advanced Linear Devices (ALD) has unveiled a family of Supercapacitor Auto Balancing (SAB) MOSFETs which have been designed for industrial applications to regulate and balance leakage currents while at the same time reducing the amount of energy used for balancing supercapacitor cells stacked in series stack of two or more.

SnapUI brings Linux development to embedded systems

ByteSnap Design has launched its Linux OpenGL SnapUI user interface framework. The new design, rewritten from the ground up, is focused on supporting the iMX6 processor to leverage graphical performance, while at the same time retaining core features.

CUI unveils Level VI AC-DC power supply

CUI has unveiled a new line of wall plug-in ac-dc power supplies for the US, Japanese and European markets. The SWI6, SWI12, SWI18 and SWI24 with either North American or European input blades have been designed to meet the stringent new average efficiency and no load power requirements mandated by the US Department of Energy (DOE) which are set to go into effect in February, 2016.

Best-in-class low capacitance TVS diodes

Microsemi has announced a series of ultra-low capacitance power transient voltage suppression (TVS) diode products. The new devices are said to provide protection of high speed data lines and other applications where the threat requirement’s magnitude surpasses the capability of typical low capacitance TVS devices for Ethernet protection and other data interfaces with speeds up to 500Mbit/s.

LDO regulators for sensitive loads

Intersil has unveiled two new high performance, single output low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulators that provide enhanced dropout and transient performance for noise sensitive loads.

Converter with integrated coulomb counter consumes 680na quiescent current

Linear Technology has announced the LTC3335, a nanopower high efficiency synchronous buck-boost converter with an onboard precision coulomb counter. It is said to deliver up to 50mA of continuous output current with 680nA of quiescent current and programmable peak input currents from 5 to 250mA, the device is suited for a variety of low power battery applications.

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