Power electronics is a key element in the world of electronic design and engineering and electronic engineers need to have a thorough understanding of this area if they’re going to create successful products.

In this section, New Electronics keeps designers up to date with the latest developments in the power electronics market – everything from DC/DC converters to IGBTs to battery technology. In fact, New Electronics covers any power product that can go on a PCB.

Small power supply with low no-load power consumption

Ecopac Power has released the EPS-65S, a range of 65W industrial power supplies mounted on miniature PCBs that measure 76.2 x 50.8 x 24mm. The environmentally friendly units are claimed to feature efficiencies of up to 91% and a no-load power consumption of less than 0.1W.

Accurate real-time power monitoring of multiple loads

Microchip has added the MCP39F511N to its power-monitoring IC portfolio. The device is said to be capable of providing standard power calculations and event monitoring of two electrical loads, this integrated, accurate device helps system designers to reduce system cost of power-monitoring wall outlets and smart plugs, power strips, AC/DC power supplies and power distribution applications. The device features three Analogue-to-Digital Convertors (ADCs) for voltage and two current-load measurements, a 16-bit calculation engine, EEPROM and a flexible 2-wire interface.

Industry-leading power density, performance and reliability

Altera has expanded its Enpirion power products portfolio with a 6A PowerSoC DC-DC step-down converter that is claimed to be a full-featured, highly integrated, and fully tested PowerSoC with integrated inductor. The PowerSoC (EN6362QI) is said to be the first in a new generation of low-VIN power products that offer industry-leading power density while improving performance in the areas of conversion efficiency, output voltage accuracy, load transient response, and output voltage ripple.

100V MOSFET H-bridge reduces board space

The DMHC10H170SFJ introduced by Diodes Incorporated is a 100V full H-bridge incorporating dual N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs into a 5 x 4.5mm DFN5045 package. This configuration reduces component count and board space, which is especially important in applications that require multiple devices, such as the array of ultrasonic transducers used for industrial inspection systems or found in marine sonar equipment. Other common applications include driving DC motors in 48V telecom fans and other inductive loads such as the coils in wireless charging pads.

Small MOSFETs reduce losses in load switching

The DMP1022UFDF and DMP2021UFDF P-Channel MOSFETs from Diodes Incorporated are designed for load switching in high-efficiency battery management of portable consumer electronics such as tablets, smartphones, ultrabooks, and for applications in the Internet of Things. The devices are rated at 12V and 20V respectively.

Improved charging performance of smart mobile devices

Power Integrations has released the InnoSwitch-CP range of off-line CV/CC flyback switching ICs. The devices incorporate a constant power output profile which, when paired with an adaptive-voltage protocol such as Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 or USB-PD, is claimed to permit smart mobile device makers to optimise charging time across a range of products, all while minimising overall thermal management and battery charging system cost.

AC/DC module range extended

Vicor has expanded its family of PFM AC/DC front end modules. Supplied in a rugged VIA package, said to offer better cooling performance and versatility in converter mounting, the 400W modules accept an input ranging from 85 to 264V AC and deliver a fully isolated 24V DC or 48V DC output.

GaN RF power transistors in 10 to 200W ratings

Ampleon has extended its portfolio of GaN RF power transistors based on a 0.5um HEMT process technology. Comprising 10, 30, 50 and 100W devices, over ten transistors are currently available for applications such as drivers up to C band, through to 100 and 200W push-pull packages for use in final stages up to S band. Housed in a compact and thermally stable ceramic package, the CLF1G range is suitable for use in applications that need to meet specific requirements of size, weight and power.

Industry’s first DMOS FET transistor arrays with 1.5A sink-output driver

Toshiba has launched the TBD62064A series and TBD62308A series of highly efficient transistor arrays, featuring a DMOS FET type sink- output driver. These devices are claimed to be the industry’s first DMOS FET transistor arrays with a 1.5A sink-output driver and are suitable for used in applications including motors, relays and LED drives, such as ATMs, vending machines, slot machines, air-conditioners, office and factory automation equipment.

Synchronous four quadrant DC/DC controller

Linear Technology has released the LT8714, an 80V input synchronous PWM four quadrant output DC/DC controller. The device is claimed to transition the output voltage through zero volts with up to 5A sourcing and sinking current capability, regardless of the output voltage polarity, suiting it for regulating to positive, negative, or zero volts.

Multiple output power IC from Toshiba

A new general purpose system power IC with multiple outputs and functional safety circuits for automotive applications has been unveiled by Toshiba Electronics. The new TB9044FNG is housed in an HTSSOP48-P-300-0.50 package measuring 6.1mm by 12.5mm x 1.0mm.

Lithium battery protection IC delivers high-precision low-power performance

Diodes Incorporated has released the AP9101C IC designed to provide protection for single-cell lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery packs. The device can turn off external MOSFET switches when detecting over-charge voltage, over-discharge voltage, over-charge current, over-discharge current and other abnormalities. This capability is particularly important in consumer markets for products such as smart phones, cameras and similar portable devices.

ST’s Power MOSFETs enable smaller, greener automotive power supplies

STMicroelectronics has introduced a new range of high-voltage N-channel Power MOSFETs for automotive applications. These devices are built using ST’s MDmesh DM2 super-junction technology with fast-recovery diode. The devices feature a breakdown voltage over the 400 to 650V range and are housed in D2PAK, TO-220, and TO-247 packages.

Accurate, single-chip protection IC for one-cell lithium battery packs

Diodes Incorporated has released the AP9234L IC specifically designed to provide a high-accuracy, single-chip solution for one-cell lithium-ion or lithium-polymer rechargeable battery packs. These devices can be used as battery protection circuit modules for smart phones, cameras and similar consumer electronics equipment.

Faster, cooler wireless charging of mobile devices

L2Tek has released a range of inductive power transmitter and receiver ICs from Semtech for wireless charging and power management. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi certified and Power Matters Alliance (PMA) compliant chips are claimed to deliver high operating efficiency with low stand-by power consumption for applications including smartphones, tablets and GPS devices as well as other wearable, sensor and industrial electronics designs. Additional ICs supporting higher output power requirements are also available.

Improved reliability and efficiency in automotive applications

TT Electronics has launched the HA65A range of surface mount power inductors for high frequency and high temperature applications.The inductors are designed to meet the requirements of the automotive market’s growing need for certified, high power inductors specifically for buck, boost or buck-boost power converter topologies for optimum voltage regulation at fast switching frequencies.

Intelligent power modules enable efficient, reliable appliances

STMicroelectronics has released 600V, second generation intelligent SLIMM power modules that are claimed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of domestic and industrial appliances, such as motor drives in compressors, pumps and fans. Targeting drives working up to 20kHz in hard-switching circuits, ST’s modules are said to enable an increase in energy efficiency over application power outputs from 300W to 3kW.

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