Microcontrollers – whether 8, 16 or 32bit – are all around us: at home, at work, in our cars and in industrial systems. Reflecting this abundance, the market for microcontrollers is worth more than $16billion a year and growing strongly.

The market was once dominated by 8bit parts, but the price performance advantage of ARM based 32bit devices, along with the need to accommodate more complex software, is starting a move from 8bit to 32bit mcus. And this is accompanied by the appearance of multicore devices.

In this section, New Electronics brings you the latest on the microcontroller market.

Automotive mcus for electronic control units

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced two new automotive microcontrollers. The TMPM350FDTFG is optimised for electric power steering control, while the TMPM350FDTFG is designed for the control of drive motors of hybrid and electric vehicles.

6W ac/dc coverter

Recom has extended its product family of isolated ac/dc power modules with fully regulated single or dual outputs suitable for applications with low power or standby function.

LED control integrated circuit

International Rectifier has introduced the IRS2548D switched mode power supply control IC for energy efficient applications. The device is designed for high power led illumination and combines power factor correction as well as a half bridge driver in a single IC.

Protection for high bandwidth connections on a single chip

STMicroelectronics has unveiled what it claims are the industry's first single chip ICs to combine the common mode filtering and ESD protection needed by high speed data lines commonly used in Smartphones, tablets and mobile computers - as well as for wired connections such as USB2.0 and HDMI.

LPC1100 ARM Cortex-M0 CAN microcontrollers

NXP has introduced the first two devices, LPC11C12 and LPC11C14, in its LPC11C00 series featuring a Controller Area Network (CAN) 2.0B-compliant controller for industrial and embedded networking applications.

KHz Frequency silicon mems oscillator

The SiT8503 is described as the industry's first KHz frequency silicon mems oscillator. Manufacturered by Si Time for audio, microcontroller and high reliability industrial applications, it is now available from MSC Vertriebs.

Mouser stocks Texas Instruments' ultra-low power MSP430™ mcu value line

The ultra-low power MSP430™ microcontroller value line offers superior 16bit mcu performance and industry leading ultra-low power consumption for cost sensitive applications that have traditionally depended on low cost 8bit microcontrollers. The MSP430 value line ensures 8bit developers no longer need to sacrifice performance, power efficiency or scalability because of price.

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